Yisan, The Wandering Bard – MTG

M15, brings us Yisan, the Wandering Bard which will be the center piece of your mono-colored green deck or more preferably your new favorite EDH deck. The card artwork was designed Brian Fargo.

Yisan’s card artwork tells the story of battered musician who has learned how to become a snake charmer of giant maggots. The mechanics of the card start out slow as struggling musicians often do, paying their dues by playing at crappy venues with little to no followers. But, then Yisan learns how to pluck his harp and after adding a few catchy verses (counters) are sung the verses become effective and Yisan starts to draw a crowd. Yisan’s songs are heard across the Forest land and his followers grow as he is able to add counters each turn and soon he has some heavy hitting monsters moshing in his pit.

So if you want to get out of the pit and pendulum then make sure your EDH deck has a well-balanced Mana curve and you have a strong Mana ramp strategy. Yisan, won’t get a turn five win but will make it a fun commander to have at your side if you enjoy casting enormous creatures and holding up lighters to power ballads.