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You have a choice to what you wear on your body. You define yourself through clothes, tattoos, piercings, and accessories. Look for inspiration at Cartel Circuit in the hottest street wear, skateboard, and surf brands. Remember everyone is looking at you.

1. Profound

profound hoodie clothing

Profound Aesethic is a premium street wear line that merges clothing and lifestyle to make all things beautiful and profound. Their ready to wear clothing line feels like it is fresh off the runway. Their design aesthetic is one of our favorites as it mixes basics with fashions pieces. Their collaboration with Pepsi make us crave a new Starter jacket. It is inspired by 90’s sports nostalgia, with colors and moods of an era that will forever be iconic. “A New Generation” capsule collection designed and crafted by Profound Aesthetic for Pepsi, carries signature systoles curated in a minimalistic light. Rich stain fabrics with classic cotton baseball cap silhouettes take part in the capsule. The Americana foundation that Pepsi has cultivated for decades is reflected in the capsules red, white, and blue color palette.

2. Dope Couture

dope clothing street wear hoodie

Drawing inspiration from both luxury lifestyle and street culture, DOPE’s clothing and accessories have built a unique following including tastemakers and music icons alike. The brand’s initial lines and boutique built a community of like-­minded individuals that saw DOPE as more than just a brand, but as a lifestyle. Self­-proclaimed as the Bougie Crew, the founding members embodied DOPE’s progressive style and growing presence in the streetwear industry. With an extended line now including accessories, cut and sew, and snapbacks, DOPE set out to build a flagship boutique on the iconic Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles and to extend the reach of the Bougie Crew. Today, the Fairfax location has become a streetwear staple filled with DOPE’s latest pieces including beanies, pullovers, and intricate cut & sew. Featured in international publications and music videos, and selling at accounts across the globe, DOPE is taking the Bougie Crew worldwide.

3.The Quiet Life
Andy Mueller was raised in the mid-west on a healthy diet of BMX, skateboarding, music and magazines. At an early age, Andy became addicted to the art of image making and photo taking. In 1993, Andy founded OhioGirl Design, a small design/photo/film studio. In 1997, Andy started “The Quiet Life” with a few friends from within OhioGirl.

In addition to the Quiet Life, Andy works full time at Girl Skateboards as a member of the infamous “Art Dump.”At Girl, Andy’s main duty is to art direct Girl’s shoe company Lakai Limited Footwear, but he also designs skateboard deck graphics to Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards, shoots photos for Fourstar, Ruby and the other brands within Girl, and contributes elsewhere when time allows. Andy also continues to do freelance photograph, design, and special projects under the name OhioGirl, and co-runs a small “indie” music label called OhioGold Records,

Andy currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, his son Owen and daughter Edie, a cat and bird. He also really likes to play ping-pong and recently picked up his golf clubs for the first time in 15 years….

4. Vissla
Vissla is a clothing brand that represents creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy, and a generation of creators and innovators. We embrace the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture, performance surfing, and craftsmanship. This is a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality. We are creators and innovators.

5. Dime

Antoine Asselin Lunch Break full part from Dime Mtl on Vimeo.

6. Publish
Publish will stir your imagination. They are truly clothiers who are setting the quality bar. They aspire to delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. Their collection includes street wear fashion that is utilitarian. Categories include premium outerwear, denim, tees, accessories and many cut & sew pieces. Publish’s designs are classic, some say they may even be timeless in their sensibility. You won’t find any stuffy pieces and they are quite the opposite leaning towards a casual vibe with an heir of sophistication.

7. A Bathing Ape
Located in the center of Tokyo, Japan. Bape is a fashion leader that strives to introduce Japanese fashion culture to the rest of the globe. Their story began 22 years ago and has remained streetwear focused the entire time. Producing iconic designs, original patterns and characters such as “APE HEAD”, “BAPE® CAMO”, “BAPE STA™”, “SHARK HOODIE” and “BABY MILO®”. Their newest collab with Futura will certainly become your favorite new collaboration.

bape futura street wear collection

8. Born X Raised
If Born and Raised doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable then you should be wearing it. If you feel uncomfortable at all then their goods probably don’t belong on your body. Their line is the edgiest of the top 10 street wear brands list and certainly demands the most respect. Born x Raised is focused on family and doesn’t care if you don’t like their logo, lifestyle, or values. If you want to share in their lifestyle make sure you are local.

9. Lurk Hard
It started in 2008 with a sticker and a couple skateboarders. Today it is still a couple of skateboarders with a cult like following. Now offering a few more products including t-shirts, beanies, and many other accessories you need on your person. Buy Lurk Hard at your local skate shop.

10. Fucking Awesome
Legendary skateboarder, Jason Dill, has been running his brand, Fucking Awesome, for 13 years now and still it is somewhat of a mystery to many. Here Jason sits down and shares 6 things that you probably don’t know about FA.

Street Wear

Whatever your goals are for putting clothes on in the morning (assuming that you sleep naked) below we reviewed ten up and coming skateboard brands, street wear brands, and surf brands. If you are retailer carrying any of these brands and would like to be featured on Cartel Circuit email us at [matt at cartelcircuit dot com].

grinder app

Grinders (2014) "TRAILER" from Nick Genova on Vimeo.

Hands down the best trailer I have seen in a long time. The video editing is superb, the cinematography is perfect, and the skating is great, combined with a soundtrack that you want to download it is no wonder that this video won awards. Grinders is the winner of the top prize (Best Overall) for Converse and Kingshit Magazine's "Connect the Dots" 2014 competition.

'Grinders' is a fake trailer that explores the world's perception of skateboarders. For many people in the "real world", a skateboard is nothing but a useless wooden toy, something that gets thrown away when you grow up. This film is for the misunderstood people who never threw it away.

Connect the Dots is an international skate-film/photography competition which takes place during the month of July. Teams of up to 10 skaters/filmers have 30 days to film a 5 minute creative film, as well as submit 10 photos to Kingshit Magazine. In 2014 the total prize money doubled, going from $10,000 to $20,000. For the Third year in a row Nick Genova and his team took the top prize.

Written and Directed by Nick Genova

Nick Genova
Chris Wardle

Contributing Writer
Aidan Johnston

Jesse Landen
Aidan Johnston
Paul Liliani
Corey Lof
Nick Latimer
Zach Roy
Matas Nakrosius
Brice MacInnis
Erik Tarlowski
Nick Genova
Wojtek Zawada
Tom Morrison
Nicole Tetrault
Aaron Wynia

Post-Sound Mixing
Patrick Simms