Having only heard of the bearded beanie through friends who spouted angst against the bearded beanie claiming…

“There is no more joy than a snowboarder could receive than to have your beard filled with ice chunks and snowflakes”

I didn’t seek out the beard beanie upon first hearing about it plus, I easily grow a beard so gnarly that lumberjacks become filled with envy there was no reason to seek out the bearded beanie. I also didn’t seek out the bearded beanie as it reminded me of another bearded item. Which come to think of…would be an awesome bearded bandana! For anyone designing aforementioned graphic bandana please send me a sample and I’ll gladly wear it.

So the other day I was cleanly shaven and saw the bearded beanie being worn by a skier atop Crystal Mountain. Now it was 22 degrees with a wind speed of at least 10mph so it felt like it was 10 degrees and I thought that skier’s face looked warm, dry, and hidden safely from the elements behind his bearded beanie. While the functionality of the bearded beanie may be providing the warmth there was no way that guy was ever going to get a date with that thing on his face. I have never tried wearing the bearded beanie and maybe it is just so comfortable that I don’t know what I am missing.

Enter the bearded face mask…unlike the bearded beanie the bearded face mask isn’t knitted and won’t soak up water like a wet dog. The bearded face mask is the solution for those who want to add protect their face in the absence of a beard. It is quick drying, adjustable, lined with soft fleece and cooler in every way. While I have yet to rock a bearded beanie a bandana on a blustery cold day has saved my skin from ice razors on many occasions.

bearded face mask

Get a fun new way to protect your face from chills on the mountain with a brown beard front side with a velcro back for a custom fit.