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Vashtie Kola

is a true renaissance woman who is a director, filmmaker, artist, designer, entrepreneur, fashionista, creative consultant, and badass DJ. She’s cultured the New York City urban scene for over a decade as a style icon and has recently partnered with G-Shock to create a limited edition watch the GMAS110VK-9A. The analog watch features a gold resin band with a trendy metallic gold finish. The VIOLETTE logo printed on the band and the VA$HTIE logo printed on the caseback as well as custom packaging and tin. We love that this watch features an Auto LED Light Backlight for readability at low light, world time in 48 different cities so you never need to reset your watch while jet-setting.

When asked why Vashtie wanted to partner with G-Shock she said:

“The watch is inspired by my obsession with gold. Traditionally, business people are known for wearing noteworthy timepieces and as the face of the new young entrepreneur/ business person, I wanted to design a G-Shock watch that represented an entrepreneurial spirit and that is also something beautiful and timeless.”

Get the watch at Zumiez.

If you haven’t heard the conspiracy theories about the Black Scale Pyramid Ring read up and find out how this golden ring has more mystery surrounding it than the ancient pyramids.

So the pyramid ring is nothing new and has been reinvented many times over but within the past two years surprisingly three companies all designed the same ring. Who designed the ring first is still a mystery. Han Cholo designed a similar ring that had a HC embossed on the side of the ring. Decide for yourself who has the best design and who knocked-off who!

Black Scale
pyramid ring black scale

Han Cholo
pyramid ring han cholo

King Ice
pyramid ring king ice

So who made it first and who did it best? Looking forward to your comments below…