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Search Marketing Roadmap

A lot of people have asked me over the years how do I get to point X in my career? Or another version is what skills do I need to advance my career. Or even a more specific instance is what can a SEO career lead into to. My answer has always varied by individual but always involved a roadmap of where the individual wanted to go. Please keep in mind that a roadmap should be catered to your own personality and goals. Someone looking to move into a CMO role is going to have a different roadmap than someone looking to become an independent contributor and move away from managing others. So keep in mind that a career in online marketing is a winding road with many forks, roundabouts, and sometimes dead ends. Navigating your way can be difficult because it is often unknown what are all the possible job opportunities out there. Acquiring the hard skills necessary for growth development is even more difficult when you haven’t set your sights on a specific field of expertise. Soft skills may come naturally to some but others must work for years improving their personality type. This is one example of a roadmap for search marketers. It traverses across one possible track with a quick acceleration fueled by on the job training and self-taught hard skills. This is in no way a guarantee or promise you generalization of expected skills that you will need to develop and grow in this one specific path. 

Below is one real life example that I received permission to share. I hope that is illuminates all the possibilities out there for a digital marketer focused on search marketing. This roadmap was designed to provide a general understanding of search marketing with practical and hands-on learning with enough experience to train and develop other digital marketing generalists. 

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