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Roxy Best In Show

Full Name: Roxy Jealous Bark-A-Lot Dolge

Age: 10 orbits around the sun or 70 dog years.

Favorite Treat: Roxy has never met a treat she didn’t like.

Best Friend: Rudy is a handsome Beauceron that doesn’t like many dogs, but loves Roxy. Rudy once saved Roxy’s life when an aggressive Malstiff tried to maul her. When Rudy and Roxy are off leash together they team up to hunt squirrels (luckily for the squirrels Rudy and Roxy are both in their golden years).

Favorite Game: Get Roxy 

Game instructions as described by Roxy: This is a very tiring game for hooman. Hooman must run around in circles as I dodge their grasp. I’ve never lost this game. Hooman frequently falls down on the ground, but I can smell a trick a mile away and know not to come close. Eventually, hooman gives up and I win.


As described by Roxy: I have many non-traditional doggo tricks. My favorite is tearing apart snowballs. I will continue to do this until hooman gets tired or I get an ice cream headache.