Ranking Pages by Revenue

It’s not as valuable as it seems

Written by Matt Dolge

Do not assume search engines always display the most profitable page on your website just because it ranks a specific page higher on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) than another. Despite the search engines best intentions to serve a relevant page in response to a keyword query the resulting page may be served for a number of other factors including but not limited to CTR (click through rate), bounce rate, and/or popularity; which may not be as profitable as another lower ranking page.

It’s in the search engines best interest to serve a page to the user that will ellicit a click which triggers a positive emotional response of trust.

While serving the most popular page to users may be an effective tool used by search engines to appear to be relevant it may not be the page on your website that drives the highest conversion and revenue.

It is important to invest in an analytics platform that can determine page value and conversion rate. Using these two metrics you’ll quickly be able to tell what pages have the highest value and which you should prioritize driving to. Once you have identified your highest value pages you can then use your search engine optimization tactics to get your highest converting pages to outrank your lower converting pages.

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