longboard buying guide

longboard buying guide

Longboard Buying Guide

Longboard Guide

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Longboard Decks
There are two questions you should ask prior to choosing a longboard is “How will you use it?” and “What is your riding style?” The majority of longboard users are considered a hybrid rider that rides the longboard in a street style fashion. These types of riders predominantly use their longboard as transportation to and from school or work. No matter where you place yourself we have the longboard for you. The major difference between longboards and a standard skateboard are the virtual endless shapes of decks. You want to choose a deck type that will be appropriate for the type of riding that you will be doing. Longboard decks are generally over 33” with lengths greater than 46″. Besides the overall length being longer a longboard deck has a wheelbase that is generally 18”-30” in length. The increased wheelbase provides greater stability at high speeds. Our most popular selling longboard sizes are between 32-42″ and are great for novice to intermediate skater.

*Note: longboards that are under 32″ in length are referred to as cruisers.

longboard buying guide

Longboard Trucks
The wider your skateboard truck the more stable a ride it will provide. Longboard trucks are built to provide a greater center of gravity at high speeds so they are generally 9″ or wider and usually as wide as the longboard deck or wider. A truck hangs over the deck will provide increased stability. This is why you will see many longboards with trucks wider than the deck. The inverted kingpin or dual pivoting hanger provides quick and deep carving abilities. Longboard trucks are Reverser kingpin vs. dual hanger vs. angled riser pads. Remember: the wider your trucks are the more stability they will provide at higher speeds. So if your longboard will be mostly for cruising then choose a truck that is are closest to the width of your deck.

Longboard Wheels
All skateboard wheels including longboard wheels are measured by their height, which is measured in millimeters. A typical longboard wheel is over 60mm in height. Besides being taller in height longboard wheels are mostly used for cruising, sliding, and transportation purposes and are designed with traction in mind. The best way to improve traction is to make the wheel softer so longboard wheels are softer than standard skateboard wheels which means they have a lower durometer. Durometer is the unit a measurement used to determine the hardness of a wheel. You will find that most longboard wheels are between 72A-88A. Having a softer wheel note only improves traction but it also makes it easier to ride on rough or uneven surfaces. The width of the wheel is important as a wide wheel will provide more traction which will provide a more stable ride. Lastly, the shape of the wheel determines the slide-ability of the wheel. A wide wheel with a square edge will give you a lot of traction and the square edge will make it difficult to slide conversely, the same wheel with a rounded edge will allow you to slides at nearly any speed so If your goal is to do downhill sliding then pick up a pair of sliding gloves and choose a wheel that has a rounded profile.

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