Freeport Campaign

The initial blurb:
“A frontier port town. This city used to be a bustling city and the
northern border of a great kingdom. That was ages ago and time, orcs,
and fire have taken their toll on the town. The city is much smaller
population wise, but is still a large city. New immigrants have been
seeking a better life in this frontier town and using the old
buildings as a foundation (think Seattle or London after the big
fires; just build everything up ~10-15′). It’s rumored that inhuman
things lurk in the sewers, but the nobles are quick to dismiss it,
lest the tide of immigrants (cheap labor) lessen. There are also
problems with nearby orc and goblin tribes attacking outlying farming
communities. Further to the north the impenetrable mountains, The
Spine of the World, loom over everything with their snowy caps.”

Lymen (Felix) Half-Elf Rogue/Druid
Mathis Valon (James) Half-Elf Wizard
Van Hazzard (Snape) Human Ranger
Arthur Ariers (Lowell) Dwarf Cleric (of Asmodeus)
Grom (JD) Half-Orc Monk
Dewit (Denis) Human Sorcerer
Klaus (Xiao) Human Monk

People of interest

Janiven – Rebel Liason
Morosino – Rebel Lt.
Areal – Rebel Leader
Edward von Whiteington III – Noble on the Concil
[Elf F wearing leather armor] – Whiteington’s special retainer
[Half-Orc wearing ‘bulky’ clothes w/ falchion] – Whiteington’s special retainer
Racheal Demavaugh – Noble on the Concil
Aberian Arvanxi – Mayor of Freeport
Anvenge Doskivari – Previous Mayor, disappeared unexpectedly
Rebels “Children of Freeport” – Seek to overthrow the ‘corrupt’ government and establish a government that keeps all citizens safe. They don’t seem to discriminate against anyone.
Hellknights – secret police that use intimidation and force to cow the population.
Bastards of Eberous – group of thieves, wiped out by a band of adventurers
“Inner Council” – shadowy group that might be behind Bastards of Eberous
Misc People
“Crazy” Achmed – Reputable merchant, sells fine arms & armor
Robert Nolan – Famous director

Places of interest in Freeport:
Treacle St. – Hive of scum & villany, lots of gambling here. including dogfights
Treacle St. Bridge – Entrance to Rebel hideout in sewers is under this bridge
Undercity – Ruins of the old city located below the sewers
Whiteington’s Estate – self explanitory
Nearby Places of interest:
Crozbun – Capital city of the Empire. Center of Art, Education, and Culture.
WoodDale in the Thorpshire – small farming community a few days north of Freeport, had zombie problem
Franklinton – tiny fishing village about 1-2 weeks west of Freeport. Edge of civilization
Abandoned ‘lighthouse’ Tower – Near Franklinton. Invisible, has magical portals

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