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Chris Joslin Skates Walmart Skateboards

The Berrics tests skateboards that were purchased at Walmart and the results are unbelievable.

Video transcription

[ kid crying in the background ]

The back of aisle 9 about a year ago we came here and found some really shitty boards and watched some of the best skaters in the world try to skate these things. Not such a great attempt. But, we want to see if they listened to us and improved the quality of these shitty boards. So here we are. Let’s see if the wheels spin. Holy shit. You know what you try to save money you are going to actually spend way more when you pick up your kid from the hospital, because the board came to a complete halt. Dude, the concave is still the other way around too. Since justice has not been served we are going to grab a couple more of these and put Chris Joslin to the test. This is The Berrics Consumer reports. It is not everyday that you get three and half complete boards for $90.34.

Look at the wheels. The wheels are plastic for sure. Right? Notice too, the plastic goes underneath the bolts on this side and this side. So you got take it apart, take off the plastic, and then put it back together. How do you take this damn wheel off? I am trying the same thing. Dude. WTF. Wait…you got to…to take the bolt off. You got to take the bolt off, dude! Skateboarding should not be this hard dude. Let me try to roll on it. I am kind of scared man. You are here all the time skating, I always see you…every time land a tre-flip down the ten first time. Think you can do it on one of these? Probably not, but I will try. They will probably all break before anything happens.

Wait, is the board graphic just a sticker? No, it’s a paper. I bet it doesn’t slide well. You are going to go all the way through it. No I am not. It is not the best but it will have to due. But hey look at this…you just bought these and there is rust inside of them already. I bet these have been on the shelves for at least 14 years. Is this really necessary? Should we start trying the first tricks? So these…oh no, oh no. You got some WD40 for these things? Hey, this one’s ain’t half. Here’s a challenge get the rest of the plastic off. You got wheel bite? Ah, these are going to snap on me yo. How hard was it pushing on that thing? Pretty weird. For my own safety the least I can do is wax this paper. We have reinforcements. I have my own board too if this doesn’t work out.

Holy shit look the truck bent! Whoa. Look how thin the axle is. From the ollie, huh? Dude. Sketchy. Should we start with the reinforcement. No, let’s start with that…this is going to get interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, you just saw Chris Joslin bail a kick flip first try. Look at how hard it is for him to just push and it’s downhill. The middle of it like hit the ground. Oh, look at that. It is symmetrical now with the concave. Maybe I will roll faster now. Like so unconfident.

Let’s see those trucks again. It is smiling have a nice day. Dude, that thing is so bent. Oh my god. Oh my. It keeps getting happier and happier with every try. It’s a bigger smile. It is going to make my life more and more miserable. Shit. It fell from a foot high. That truck is so bent. Oh my god, look at it from here. Oh my god. Should we switch boards? No, it turned into a low rider. So that was a perfect kick flip. Let’s give this guy one more try. No. No! One board down. Jesus, that is not even delamination that is pure destruction. I am nervous every try, me too. It is missing a tooth. Oh, my god. Did you see that? It broke from a flick. It was from the pop. We got a board snapped in half and a truck snapped in half.

You get what you pay for. Apparently, not much with these.

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