You saw it hear first! The Disney Vans collection is available for purchase at select retailers on Friday, October 5th, 2018…that’s tomorrow which is also payday. Hello, goodbye paycheck!

The collection features the Disney characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy across a range of footwear styles. All of this is to honor Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary (Happy Birthday Mickey!). So Vans teamed up with Disney to create standout sneaker pieces. The line includes a pastel Old Skool shoe with Mickey and Minnie Mouse plastered on the sides and a pair of red Authentic Gore slip-on shoes covered in Minnie Mouse’s favorite pattern, polka dots. Then Mickey Mouse and his pals Goofy, Donald and Pluto come together for the festive Mickey & Friends print that covers the Vans Era. The Mickey Mouse Vans Era shoe is already our favorite.The high top silhouettes are dedicated to Mickey’s 1928 film debut and another design influenced by his role in Fantasia. The capsule will be enjoyed by fans of all ages.
“The collection is founded on 11 designs that capture Mickey Mouse’s spirit and evolution spanning from his introduction in the late 1920s to present day.”

The Vans x Disney shoe collection will be available to shop at

Vans Disney Mickey Mouse Shoe Vans Disney Mickey Mouse Flame Checkerboard Shoe Vans Disney Mickey Mouse Shoe Vans Disney Mickey Mouse Shoe Vans Disney Mickey Mouse Shoe Vans Disney Mickey Mouse Shoe Vans Disney Mickey Mouse Shoe Vans Disney Mickey Loves Minnie Mouse Shoe Vans Disney Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Shoe Vans Disney Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Sandal

Good day digital marketing family! Let’s talk about reasons why your site might not be ranking…having duplicate content on your site, not registering with Google My Business, ignoring social signals, and creating content sporadically will all stifle your SEO efforts. We’ll also dive into limiting your ability to rank by only having a desktop version of your website, blocking your website from bots, and having a slow website. If you want to learn how to rank high in Google keep on reading. Gains





Reason #1: Duplicate content

Duplicate content exists on every website. Every website. It doesn’t matter if your site is completely static, free of parameters, or is “too small” to have duplicate content even the best websites have duplicate content.

If you have pages that compete and rank for the same keywords it probably means that you haven’t prioritized your content or that your writing is too similar or thin. 

When the search engine sees duplicate content your SEO juice gets split between the original page and an unintended duplicate of that page. This will cause both pages to rank mediocrely instead of having one page rank exceptionally. And when that happens, the search engine will choose which page to rank, which could be the wrong page.

How do you know if you have duplicate content? You can go here and type in your URL, easy. 

Or go to Google Search Console and see if Google has found any duplicate page titles or meta descriptions.

Got a WordPress website? Download this great plugin by clicking here.

At the end of the day you have to decide which page to keep OR optimize the duplicate content for another use. Once you have made that difficult choice it is time to canonicalize the page you want to rank. I am over simplifying this part but the search engine will then take all of your SEO juice from the duplicate page and attribute it to the canonical page.

Reason #2: Off-line Content

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engines have a really hard time in the off-line world. IRL the search engines can’t tell if your physical business is open, closed, or busy. Sure they might be able to scrape some hours of operations from your website and by using geolocation data be able to tell when the most people might be at your store, but it isn’t always accurate. 

But what happens when you have a store event, a pop-up, a flash sale, or a killer after hours party? Who do you tell? Of course you tell your best customers, you had out flyers, you do gorilla market with street teams but you know you forgot to invite to the party? The Internet.

If you’re not yet registered with Google My Business, you’re losing out on some serious potential. This free and easy tool can actually help your SEO. Every search engine loves new and fresh content and if you aren’t inviting search engines to the party you are missing out and a massive new audience.

So whether you have 1 or 100 business locations make sure to use GMB and Bing Places to help others find your business in real live.

This is the abbreviated version of local search optimization and is the just the tip of the iceberg. If you want more tips follow me @mattdolge on Twitter.

Reason #3: You are anti-social

Yes, there is a brand called Anti Social Social Club. But, ironically do you know what they do really well? Social.

So how active do you have to be to be good at social media? Do you post once a day, once a week, once a month? I will tell you right now that you are only posting once a month you may be bleeding customers and not acquiring new ones. Think of it this way…do you want customers to visit you daily, weekly, or monthly?

Let’s examine what it means to be social. Does running lots of advertisements on social media count? No. Does copying your competitor’s cadence make you social? No. When was the last time you answered and engaged with a customer online where the conversation was more than a reply? If you are not building relationships online then you aren’t going to be building them off-line either, plan and simple.

So, why does all of that matter, weren’t we talking about how to get my site to rank in Google?

Because, believe it or not, [insert Greatest American Hero theme song] your social media accounts help determine how you rank. Search engines use social signals to help determine which sites are active.

If you want to increase your search efforts, you need to stay active on social media and keep your information updated. Because who knows when that one post, one reply, or that one customer is going to evangelize your brand and help you go viral. Don’t make it harder than it has to be, but don’t half ass it. If you aren’t having fun reading your content or replies why would your audience.

Pro tip: keep in mind who your audience is…for example: if your audience is on TikTok it is definitely going to be different than your audience on LinkedIn. Wait a second, you have an audience on TikTok that is also on LinkedIn?! Fam, you must be killing it in social! Please DM and tell me what your brand is because I want to follow your stories.

Bottom line…if you’re not using social to grow your business then it is time to add it to your mix.

Reason #4: The C word

Call it what you want…Content is King, Content is Queen, but whatever you call it Content takes time and you have to make time to create it. Like your social strategy if you publish a blog post every once in a while you are going to only attract new customers once in a while.

Ask yourself “how do I create top of mind awareness for my brand”? How often do I want my customers to think of me? Being top of mind takes time and it takes a dedicate person to create content that is going to resonate with your audience enough to make them think of you the next time they do ___________ [insert Madlib verb].

The first thing you need to do is create a marketing calendar. Add due dates to your content to help keep you on schedule.

The second thing you need to do is get a speech to text editor.  Download Dragon and start dictating on your way to work, in the shower, on at any other down time. I can crank out the subject, a paragraph, or even a full page of content if my stream of consciousness isn’t interrupted. Believe me this is the easiest time saver you have ever come across and once you start you will be asking yourself why wasn’t I doing this ages ago?

But, is it easy to stick to a calendar? No, it’s hard and you aren’t going to see immediate results. You have to stick to it and the rankings will come along with traffic and followers.

The third thing you need to do if you haven’t figured it out already is start a blog. Here are two pro tips on how to start a blog:

  1. Put it on your main website in a sub-directory.
  2. While tempting don’t double expose it by placing it on another domain. Trust me on this one. DM me if you want the full “Why” behind this one.

After a while when you are creating content consistently things will begin to click and will look back and say that was easy.

Reason #5: Your site is not mobile-friendly

Did you know that over 60% of Google search queries are performed on a mobile device? Fam, this is so important. I can’t stress this enough. You have to be mobile-friendly. This is no longer an option. Not just your home page or an important piece of content but every single page has to be optimized for mobile users. 

Your content has to be fast, user friendly and available to users on a mobile device because you know at some point they are going to visit your website on a mobile device.

Want to see if your website is mobile-friendly? Go here to find out. This mobile friendly test will tell you all the changes you need to make to your website to make it mobile-friendly.

Making your website mobile is easier than you think. And like upgrading your kitchen in your home it will be the most profitable update that you can make to your website.

If your site is a WordPress site then all you need to do is select a mobile friendly theme. If your website is on a commercial platform like Magento then move to a new framework like Foundation that will make your website responsive. And if for some reason you can’t do it yourself choose a out of the box solution like Mooveweb.

And voila, like that you will be ranking better for mobile search queries.

Ok, okay still not convinced? Then head into your CFO’s office and tell them your mobile capital expenditure is going to return a 10X. For real, by making your site mobile friendly you are going to make it rain.

Reason #6: Search engines can’t spider your site

What do you spiders eat? Bugs.

You are probably thinking…”Matt, what do bugs and spiders have anything to do with my rankings?”

The first thing I do in any site audit is to evaluate how the site is being crawled. Are the most important pages indexable? Where is the crawl budget focused? Are the spiders being hampered by bugs, 404 pages, site errors, dead ends, etc.

If you do a site operator search in Google with your brand name in the manner below: “page.html” “keyword”

…and you don’t see your website on the first page you have a problem. It is most likely that Google has not crawled that page or site. Why is this happening? Why aren’t you showing up anywhere in search? Let’s dig in. 

In addition to site errors and bugs there are a myriad of other reasons why your site may not be found in search including but not limited to:

  1. You have a robots.txt blocking the bots.
  2. You have NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW on your pages.
  3. You have built your site on JS framework.
  4. Maybe you haven’t don’t have a sitemap.

The best thing to do is request Google to crawl your website using the Fetch tool in Google Search Console. Type in your website and then make sure that Google doesn’t show any crawl errors.

Then, click the “Fetch” button and wait a moment. And then, you’ll be able to click “Request Indexing.” And then, you’ll see this page come up where you can finalize your request. And then,  no more “And thens”, that’s it! Google will crawl the page and connected pages typically within 24 hours.

Remember, if your site can’t be spidered then you have absolutely no chance of ranking.

Reason #7: Your website is too slow

It’s 2018. Dial-up doesn’t exist for the most of the world, 3G will soon be replaced with 4G, fiber optics are the new cable. Your site should be lightening fast. If I have to wait more than 3 seconds I let out an audible ugh, this site is so slow and give it another second before I hit the back button. Guess what? The majority of users feel the same way I do and won’t wait for your site to load no matter how good those high resolution images look.

For this reason, search engines put emphasis on ranking website speed. [Insert Daft Punk: Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger song].

There are usually only two reasons your website is slow to load. I call this the front of the house and the back of the house; like in the restaurant business. 

Let’s talk about the front of the house first. Your pretty graphics, CSS, and other plugins that you think are so great may be causing slow page loads. You can check your website speed for free by going here. Best practice is that if you have any image over 100KB ask yourself can this be sliced down or optimized?

Next let’s talk about the back of the house aka web development. This refers to all the code that makes your site go including all the requests needed to load the DOM. We aren’t going into the complexities of solving these issues but you can get a pretty waterfall of what may be slowing your site down at Pingdom that you then can take to your dev team to fix. If you don’t got a dev team hit me up. I always love to talk tech.

Ultimately, the faster your website loads, the higher your rankings.

TLDR Executive Summary

If you’re anything like me time is precious and you know that search is important to your business. That’s why this summary is short and sweet…

Don’t give up on any these recommendations just because it doesn’t happen it overnight.

Following these tips will result in improved search rankings, but if your site isn’t growing traffic year over year after you have done all of these recommendations there may be larger systemic issues.

Bonne chance.

world's smallest phone
The bm50 is the smallest phone on the planet. Smaller than a bic lighter and a credit card. Faster than a speeding bullet. give yourself a break from the ball and chain that we have come to know as the smartphone. Looking at a screen for 3.9 years of the rest of your life doesn’t sound that smart for a reason. You can forward you number to it and enjoy your time off of work to a whole new level.

The initial blurb:
“A frontier port town. This city used to be a bustling city and the
northern border of a great kingdom. That was ages ago and time, orcs,
and fire have taken their toll on the town. The city is much smaller
population wise, but is still a large city. New immigrants have been
seeking a better life in this frontier town and using the old
buildings as a foundation (think Seattle or London after the big
fires; just build everything up ~10-15′). It’s rumored that inhuman
things lurk in the sewers, but the nobles are quick to dismiss it,
lest the tide of immigrants (cheap labor) lessen. There are also
problems with nearby orc and goblin tribes attacking outlying farming
communities. Further to the north the impenetrable mountains, The
Spine of the World, loom over everything with their snowy caps.”

Lymen (Felix) Half-Elf Rogue/Druid
Mathis Valon (James) Half-Elf Wizard
Van Hazzard (Snape) Human Ranger
Arthur Ariers (Lowell) Dwarf Cleric (of Asmodeus)
Grom (JD) Half-Orc Monk
Dewit (Denis) Human Sorcerer
Klaus (Xiao) Human Monk

People of interest

Janiven – Rebel Liason
Morosino – Rebel Lt.
Areal – Rebel Leader
Edward von Whiteington III – Noble on the Concil
[Elf F wearing leather armor] – Whiteington’s special retainer
[Half-Orc wearing ‘bulky’ clothes w/ falchion] – Whiteington’s special retainer
Racheal Demavaugh – Noble on the Concil
Aberian Arvanxi – Mayor of Freeport
Anvenge Doskivari – Previous Mayor, disappeared unexpectedly
Rebels “Children of Freeport” – Seek to overthrow the ‘corrupt’ government and establish a government that keeps all citizens safe. They don’t seem to discriminate against anyone.
Hellknights – secret police that use intimidation and force to cow the population.
Bastards of Eberous – group of thieves, wiped out by a band of adventurers
“Inner Council” – shadowy group that might be behind Bastards of Eberous
Misc People
“Crazy” Achmed – Reputable merchant, sells fine arms & armor
Robert Nolan – Famous director

Places of interest in Freeport:
Treacle St. – Hive of scum & villany, lots of gambling here. including dogfights
Treacle St. Bridge – Entrance to Rebel hideout in sewers is under this bridge
Undercity – Ruins of the old city located below the sewers
Whiteington’s Estate – self explanitory
Nearby Places of interest:
Crozbun – Capital city of the Empire. Center of Art, Education, and Culture.
WoodDale in the Thorpshire – small farming community a few days north of Freeport, had zombie problem
Franklinton – tiny fishing village about 1-2 weeks west of Freeport. Edge of civilization
Abandoned ‘lighthouse’ Tower – Near Franklinton. Invisible, has magical portals

What is the Overall Goal of Google? As answered by CEO Sundar Pichai it is to be a “Step Ahead of Our Users”. So how is Google staying a step ahead of their users and competition? The next 10 years of technology will shake up how search is performed, where it is done, who is doing it. Search will become ubiquitous. Search will be everywhere and available in many more ways than we can ever imagine. So here is my predictions on where Google will be in the next ten years.

Where is Google Investing?

By analyzing where Google is investing we predict where they are going. Here is where the putting all their eggs:

Personal Assistants (PA)
Payment Processing
Machine Learning

Where will Google be?

Put Google Everywhere. Google wants to build a conversational and natural language search application that simplifies your life. Google will be in your daily life, on the clothing you wear, in the car you drive, & in your home. Google will become an ambient experience that extends beyond any device; always listening, always on, always there to help.

Google Search Now and Then
Old Search – Go to computer, turn on computer, wait, open web browser, go to Google, type in search query, get results, decide where to click, read content on page for answer, review & repeat until answer is found.

New Search – Ask question, get answer.

Google will be your Personal Assistant
Personal Assistants will soon understand natural language and will be able to understand context. PAs will be designed to affect the largest amount of people possible and be able to used by anyone who can see, touch, speak, or think. PAs will enable millions to simplify and automate everyday tasks through machine learning.

PAs Machine Learning algorithms could become influenced by factors outside of user control, limiting users natural discovery of new products, stores, and experiences. PA may increase commoditization.

Google for your Home
An Internet of Things (IoT) voice-activated device designed to rival Alexa and Cortana. Automatically connects with Android, Chome Cast, TV, music, lights, thermostat, locks, doors, wallets, and all IoT enabled objects. Designed to make your life easier.

Google Home may influence shopping behavior as it doesn’t require a computer or phone to connect to the internet; lowering the barrier to getting online. Users will no longer need to leave their house to shop. It is predicted users will become comfortable enough to shop with voice commands and not have to see an item in order or visit a store to make a purchase.

Google Shopping
43% of users begin a product search on Amazon. Amazon is Google’s largest competitor from a Search and IoT perspective. Google needs a way to reach Amazon users or they become irrelevant. Here’s how they are cutting Amazon out and expanding their reach in shopping:

    • Local Inventory Ads – find products from a local retailer which bypasses Amazon. Requires retailer participation.


    • PLAs in Google Images† – Amazon is not participating in product listing ads or focused on imagery.


    • Google Express – Same day delivery which bypasses Amazon. Requires retailers to partner with Google.


    • Google One-Touch Buy – Bypasses Amazon, requires retailers to partners with Google.


    Android Pay – Even if Google doesn’t handle the search they can process the payment and gain customer data in the offline world.

Google will Process Payments
Android Pay will incentivize retailers to use NFC by offering lower credit card processing fees and free terminals provided by Square. Google wants retailers to be able to accept any form of digital payment with one-touch buying. Android Pay will also expand to ATMs, Chrome, and work with virtual loyalty cards simplifying and expediting the checkout process. Currently partnering with Bank Of America.

By owning the payment processing Google can link search behavior to purchase behavior, create sophisticated reward programs, lower fees, speed up checkout, own the customer data, and control the branding. This could add billions of revenue to Google’s bottom line.

Google will be the go to Language Translation
Google’s specialized TPU chips fast-forwarded machine learning language translations algorithms seven years into the future. The TPU chips will improve language translation, voice search, and are the same processors that beat humans at Go. Google Translate is focused on natural language and understanding context.

Google is competing with Amazon and Microsoft in voice search and needs to stay competitive in order to stay relevant. Google Translate could replace human translations in the future. Retailers could benefit by providing user a natural translated experience in any language. Combine TPU chips and machine learning and you have a very powerful AI.

Learning from Google aka Google University
For years Google has given away its answers for free. It has now began selling hardware and software to students and schools. “Learning is going Google” with devices, materials, expeditions, and training for everyone from elementary to post graduate. 7 out of 8 Ivy League schools are using Google for Education. The next Ivy League School may be Google. What would be a diploma from Google be worth?

Machine Learning – The Uprise of the Machines
RankBrain is a machine learning AI that has become the third most important ranking factor for organic search. While Rankbrain has yet to be gamed because its learning remains offline, it uses mathematics to connect words and phrases making it susceptible to user behavior and trends. Google is prioritizing Machine Learning and AI in 2016.

Machine learning AIs will be used for virtual assistants, messaging apps: Allo and Duo (to be release in 2016) that will rival Facebook messenger, Snapchat, Skype, Slack, etc. Machine Learning will also enable Google to provide better instant answers keeping users within the Google eco-system and not clicking away to an organic search result.

Google Owns Your Content
Instant Answers are Growing
In 2012 there were only six different types of Instant Answers. Today Instant Answers provide search results for over 30 different categories of search queries. Instant Answers lead to less clicks to organic search queries that follow.

    • Weather


    • Films


    • Years


    • People, Biography


    • Places


    • Products


    • Calculator, Math


    • Conversions


    • Currency, Stock Price, Market Cap


    • IP Address


    • Sunset, Sunrise, Tides


    • Time, Time Zones,


    • Package Tracking


    • Definitions, Dictionary


    • Flight Tracker, Flight Schedules


    • Movie Schedule


    • Data, Random Facts


    • Distance


    • History



The Cornerstones of Google are Strong

  • Operating Systems: Android, Chrome OS, Google TV
    If Google owns the devices performing search they run the devices that power the world.
  • Applications: Search, Calendar, Maps, Photos, Email, News, Drive, YouTube, Translations, Wallets, Mobile apps†, …
    Provide everything you need on your devices.
  • Hardware: Driverless Car, Nexus, Chromecast, Contact Lens
    Connect everything together.
  • Services: Cloud, Broadband/Fiber, Crisis Response (911)
    Be the infrastructure that you depend on.

Predictions for Google

  1. Google has already lost the battle with Amazon.
  2. Google has to partner with retailers in order to compete with Amazon, we will see Google becoming more transparent in order for businesses to feel comfortable working with them.
  3. Google will build an online mall to compete with Amazon. It won’t be Google Express, Google Shopping Ads, or even their partnership with Walmart. It will be bigger it will be more streamlined.
  4. Google will invest in gaming & VR to rival Microsoft.
  5. Google will encourage deep linking and using “parts” of apps to reduce Apple’s dominance in the app market.
  6. Google’s voice search will reduce the number of searches per session.
  7. Google will buy or become the next big payment processor.
  8. Google will partner with car manufactures for mapping data to improve self-driving cars.















To qualify for this list you must:

1. Manufacture a skateboard hard good or component i.e. deck, wheel, truck.
2. Sponsor professional skateboarders and have a skate team.
3. Carried in at least one physical brick & mortar skate shop (no virtual/online only shops “pure players”).
4. Be in business as of today’s date.


Adidas SB
Alien Workshop
Almost Skateboards
Antiz Skateboards

Baker Skateboards
Billabong (clothing)
Birdhouse Skateboards
Black Box Distribution
Black Label Skateboards
Blind Skateboards
Blueprint Skateboards
Bones Bearings
Bones Wheels
California Free Former
California Skateparks
Circle A Skateboards

City Stars Skateboards
Circa (company)
Cliché Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards
Crooks and Castles
DC Shoes
Deluxe Distribution
Destructo Trucks
DGK Skateboards
Diamond Supply Co.
DVS Shoes
Dwindle Distribution
Element Skateboards
éS Footwear
Fallen Footwear
Famous Stars and Straps
Fickle Skateboards
Five Boro NYC Skateboards
Flip Skateboards
Fusion Longboards
Girl Distribution Company
Girl Skateboards
Globe International
Gold Wheels
Grizzly Griptape
H-Street Skateboards
Hook-Ups Skateboards
Hubba Wheels
Hurley International
Imfamous Skate co.
Independent Truck Company
Mambo Graphics
Mob Griptape
New Era
NHS, Inc.
Nike SB
Nike 6.0
Nixon Watches
Niteshift Skateboarding
New Soul
Osiris Shoes
Plan B Skateboards
Powell Peralta
Preservation Skateboards
Primitive Skateboarding
Rayne Longboards
Real Skateboards
Rip Curl
Roger Skateboards
Royal Trucks
Rubicon Skateboards
Revive Skateboards
Sector 9
Sessions (clothing company)
Shory’s Hardware
Skull Candy
Spitfire (Wheel Company
Spohn Ranch
Supreme (clothing)
Shake Junt
Tensor Trucks
Toy Machine
The Hundreds
Tum Yeto
Two Seasons (retailer)
Thunder Trucks
Vision Street Wear
Wight Trash
World Industries
Wood Pusher Skateboards
Zero Skateboards
Zoo York (company)

A career in online marketing road is a winding road with many forks, roundabouts, and dead ends. Navigating your way can be difficult because it is often unknown what are all the possible job opportunities out there. Acquiring the hard skills necessary for growth development is when you haven’t set your sights on your field of expertise. Soft skills may come naturally to some but others must work for years improving their personality type.

8/25/17 – “We put teachers first”.

8/22/17 – Drop off in the infant room: Child is seated coughing, I notice something silvery in his mouth and tell teacher that I think something is in his mouth. She says we don’t have anything in the room that is small enough to fit in their mouths. Child continues to cough so I lean down at eye level of child and notice that he does have something in his mouth and ask the teach to intervene. The teacher get up from rocking chair puts baby down that she is holding and does an emergency finger swipe in his mouth. She retrieves a foil gum wrapper and comments I wonder where he got that?

8/21/17 – Child U is passed out on the tile floor, eyes closed, face down, not moving. I inquire with teacher about if he is okay. She says he isn’t feeling well and his mother is on the way to pick him up.

6/22/17 – Child E pulls chair out from Child A. Child Y begins to cry. Teacher says to Child E “this is why nobody likes you” and then picks up Child A and puts Child A on a different chair. Child E walks away looking sad.

6/15/17 – Child J and Child A are playing. Child A wants what Child J has. Child J is scratched by Child A. Child J retaliates by attempting to hit Child A. Teacher intervenes to stop Child J by yelling “No”. Child J arm is grabbed and Child J shaken by arm. Child J begins to cry.

6/24/15 – Drop off occurs later in the morning and all the children are outside playing. Child B attempts to steal a tricycle from Child J even though there are plenty of tricycles not being used and available. Child B attempts to pull Child J who is not wearing a helmet off the bike and onto the concrete. No intervention from the teacher even though Child J is screaming and crying.

7/6/15 – Arrive to school and the classroom is dark (all lights in the room have been turned off). I ask to turn the lights on the teacher screams “no, don’t turn on the lights”! Teacher explains she has a migraine and can barely see. Child B is physically trying to take a toy from Child J and Child J begins to cry. Teacher grumbles something in audible under her breath at the sound of crying. She then takes Child B by the hand aggressively to corner of room.

7/13/15 – Child X tries to take Child J’s binkey from their mouth. To avoid Child J moves away from Child X. Child X still pursues Child J for binkey. Teacher picks up Child J who is now crying. Child J squirms as binkey is dropped from mouth. Child X is closing in on binkey on the floor. Child J being held in arms of teacher does a back bend to try to get binkey and teacher drops Child J. Child J lands head first on the ground.

Bunnies by the bay has a delightful bunny charm which is part of the Hareytale. you will find it printed on hangtags, signs and packaging. It is simple sweet and fun to repeat. Bunnies are our best friends. They do delight and give glad dreams.

This began when the fisherman of cricket island told their children before I go out to sea if you are ever in trouble say this charm three times and leave a bunch of carrots as a thankful token. Help will come.

our family believes in this charm because help came to use when we asked and it always comes from someone and somewhere we least expect help.

we are three sisters that deeply love what we do and why we do it but most importantly we do it for the babies and wee ones that need to feel safe, secure and loved. We know that they these things are what make bunnies by the bay gifts so loved and why your little one will deeply love them too.

nothing is more important to us than little ones feeling safe.

by using the softest fabrics babies find our gifts comforting, warm, and soothing. Their unique charming de-tails add a bit of wit and whim for the parents and this is how bunnies do delight.

the hareytale is told through the family of bunnies and our books. this is how best friends are made indeed.

if you are ever lost at sea look for a bunny.

one day blossom found a wee bear with a note that said if you ever lose a bunny we can make you a new one.

better than new. worn out bunnies that still have live in them can become a keepsake harelooms heirlooms.

in good friends garden wee bunnies are born beneath the cabbages, sweet peas and corn.

kiddo is a little lamb, chirps his week feathered friend. They love to play in the rain, splashing again and again.

your delightful soft friends and baby toys are perfect pals for a seaside day. new or old your baby toys.

buddy blankets are very loved and may cause stress if they become misplaced or lost. so please take it from me busy bee and be prepared by always having a spare buddy on hand. smaller size with a security loop on the back for safe traveling.

we can help you repair and care for you wee little ones. you can wash and dry your plush toys from bunnies by the bay. here is how you care for bunnies by the bay.

find repair answers or replace your lost bunny.

deeply loved bunnies will always be by your side.

stories about how deeply loved bunnies toys are to the babies.