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satisfied with these results test
Google is apparently surveying customers on how satisfied searchers are with the search results that Google presents on the search engine results page. It appears that this “Satisfied With These Results” test is only being tested on mobile phones as with extensive testing that I have done this morning (January 30th, 2015 11:26 AM) I was not able to Google’s emoji Likert scale of satisfaction to appear on the search engine results page when performing queries on a desktop or tablet. I also found it interesting that I only received the Satisfied With These Results survey to appear when using Safari and could not get the survey to appear while using Chrome. Perhaps, this is ploy by Google to create an annoying pop-up feature in the Safari browser that would further encourage users to use Chrome or it could be that they did not want to muddy the Chrome experience. Has anyone else received this test on any other device or other browser? I look forward to comments below.


Having only heard of the bearded beanie through friends who spouted angst against the bearded beanie claiming…

“There is no more joy than a snowboarder could receive than to have your beard filled with ice chunks and snowflakes”

I didn’t seek out the beard beanie upon first hearing about it plus, I easily grow a beard so gnarly that lumberjacks become filled with envy there was no reason to seek out the bearded beanie. I also didn’t seek out the bearded beanie as it reminded me of another bearded item. Which come to think of…would be an awesome bearded bandana! For anyone designing aforementioned graphic bandana please send me a sample and I’ll gladly wear it.

So the other day I was cleanly shaven and saw the bearded beanie being worn by a skier atop Crystal Mountain. Now it was 22 degrees with a wind speed of at least 10mph so it felt like it was 10 degrees and I thought that skier’s face looked warm, dry, and hidden safely from the elements behind his bearded beanie. While the functionality of the bearded beanie may be providing the warmth there was no way that guy was ever going to get a date with that thing on his face. I have never tried wearing the bearded beanie and maybe it is just so comfortable that I don’t know what I am missing.

Enter the bearded face mask…unlike the bearded beanie the bearded face mask isn’t knitted and won’t soak up water like a wet dog. The bearded face mask is the solution for those who want to add protect their face in the absence of a beard. It is quick drying, adjustable, lined with soft fleece and cooler in every way. While I have yet to rock a bearded beanie a bandana on a blustery cold day has saved my skin from ice razors on many occasions.

bearded face mask

Get a fun new way to protect your face from chills on the mountain with a brown beard front side with a velcro back for a custom fit.

Schema is a type of markup that webmasters can use to markup HTML pages in ways recognized by major search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex. Search engines have become increasingly more reliant on schema to improve the display of their search results. It should be noted that Schema is a type of Microdata and is not customer facing. Schema markup can be used for articles, local businesses, reviews, events, products, and now in-site search results.

It is my speculation that without schema markup added to your site in 2015 the likelihood of your pages appearing in search results will decrease by 10-20%. The pages currently most at risk from not appearing in search results are in-site search results pages and local business information.

The application of schema markup to your web pages should not take more than 1 week of development time and can be even implemented in phases to reduce development hours. Schema is relatively easy for any experienced webmaster to implement and does not hinder page performance or will not conflict with other scripts on the page.

The expected revenue lift from a fully optimized site with schema can be as high as a 20% revenue lift with results appearing from the schema markup in as few as four to six weeks.

So how do you add Schema markup to your website? There are hundreds of different ways to use Schema for your site so let’s take at one example that would optimize your local search results by adjusting the markup on a store locator page:

Before getting started be sure to read the documentation guides for local businesses:


A superb collection of skateboard, snowboard, surf, and streetwear.

4001 204th St SW

Phone: 425-551-1500

The amount of information a website should present to the search engine will be specific to the website’s goal and niche. For more information on Schema

Marketing by definition is the process of communicating the value of a product to customers for the purpose of selling. Conventionally the digital marketing channels are defined as paid, organic, referral, social, and email. While relationship building is not specific to a channel marketing without relationship building is very expensive because acquiring new customers is extremely more expensive than converting existing customers. If we broaden the definition of marketing to include the purpose of creating a relationship and not focus on the act of selling we’ll build relationship beyond a single purchase. Relationship marketing should include building relationships with vendors, communities, and customers. Brands should be eager to link to your website. Communities and forums should be ringing your phone asking for press kits to write stories. Products should be so inspiring that they don’t need to marked down in order to sell them.

The most important investment retailers need to make is investing in people. Solutions, processes, and technology cannot and will not save your brand. 2015 will be a year that retailers begin to become more customer-centric and focus on the psychology of the consumer’s spending mind.

Zumiez has the best Cyber Monday deals for teens and young men and women with over 1300 BOGO free deals. Here is a small sample of the incredible BOGO free deals you can find today at

Men’s Empyre Boxers two for $0.98!

Trillium Tank Tops two for $1.98!

Zumiez is hiring for an E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator. Individuals interested in this position should apply online at

Primary responsibilities include coordinating product feed, performing site audits, improving email segmentation groups, optimizing Meta data, writing CMS and ad copy, building referral links, claiming local search results, and keyword research.

Zumiez is a leading specialty retailer of apparel, footwear, accessories and hardgoods for young men and women who want to express their individuality through the fashion, music, art and culture of action sports, streetwear and other unique lifestyles.

To further prove the usefulness of social media marketing for SEO I performed a test that only used social media marketing as a means to improve the search engine results page position of a page. The keyword that this page was optimized for was a highly competitive keyword and as shown inline was a term that did not rank in the first 40 positions prior to this experiment. Doing nothing other than adding social sharing buttons to the page, creating a Google+ page, and using only social media within five months the page appeared on the first page of the search engine results page and ranked in position 6!

According to SharedCount here are the social sharing stats:

    8 Facebook likes
    5 Facebook Comments
    11 Facebook Shares
    2 Tweets
    3 Stumbles
    14,310 page views
    1,425 Google +1’s

Screen-Shot-2014-08-13-at-4.52.55-PM Magento is a powerful, scalable eCommerce solution that allows site managers to control multiple store views from one administration panel. The ability to control multiple store views is definitely underestimated and undersold from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective as store views can offer personalization and localization. Additionally, having control over a second store view can create opportunities for A/B testing and even allow a SEO to test URLs for categories and product pages.

Adding a new store view in Magento can be done in four steps but before creating a new store view it is important to note that by creating multiple store views using the same catalog may introduce a new parameter to your URLs.

Normally, a new parameter only means the page with the parameter is a variation of the page without the parameter the Webmaster can control of the crawling of new parameters within Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). However, when a new store view is implemented there is a sneaky “___store” parameter that may be added to every URL on your website. The new parameter has just created a duplicate page for every page on the website and creates a very high risk of being penalized for duplicate content. Even if the site is not penalized for duplicate content the page with the new parameter will become indexed, cached, and shared with the incorrect or un-optimized URL. It is also worth to note all the new URLs will have a page authority of 1 and the duplication of your site content will wreck havoc on your search engine optimization efforts.

When a store view is initially installed the configuration settings are assigned to “default” and if a website only has a single store view the default value should never appear in the URLs of the site. Upon implementing a new store view the “___store” parameter with the value of default may be added to every URL within the original store view. This can be prevented if the “___store” parameter has not been commented out in the Magento Catalog widget.

If you are currently running multiple store views and are uncertain if this parameter exists on your domain using the Google operator site: and “___store” you can find out if the new store view is causing duplicate content. Here’s how to do it: “___store” (that’s three underlines)

If you find that your pages have been indexed and duplicated with the “___store” parameter it may be recommended to use GWT to decide how Google should index your content. Caution: Use this method only if you’re sure how parameters work. Incorrectly excluding parameters could result in many pages disappearing from organic search results.