Hotel Motel dance night at Havana social club located in Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington is now a hump day party where the leisure is paramount. Hotel Motel was originally every Tuesday night and if you had a Hotel Motel key then you had a standing reservation. Although the evening has changed rumor has it if you still have a key you have been grandfathered in and your reservation still is valid. It’s time to dance the night away so break the Seattle Freeze and meet some locals that have a key. Check out some of the past party photos.
hotel_motel_750 Photo credit: Halftone Design by Nathan Manny.


Here is how to recap a Pathfinder expedition:

Esteemed accomplices,

I have sold the jewels, silverwares, and gentlewomen’s clothings. Calculations to the sundry proceeds and expenses of the Citizens of Freeport Opera have been completed. Furthermore, I have accounted for all other treasures and items of worth at their adjusted values. The summation of these efforts results in the enormous sum of One Hundred Thousands and One Thousands and Three Hundreds Freeport Gold Dragoons.

This amount, I have then divided by five so that each one of us, although with different sizes and abilities, can receive an equal portion as agreed upon previously and signed in blood at the Three Horsemen’s Tavern.

Onwards and downwards — your friend in adventure,