Back To School First Day Looks 2022

Written by Matt Dolge

Do you want to know what will be the hottest fashion for back to school this fall? Want to wear what everyone else is going to be sporting? Or are you looking for inspiration to stand out? Either way here is my prediction for the hottest fashion trends for back to school this fall.

Let’s start with what everyone will be wearing or not wearing on their feet

#1 Nike SB is still the most popular and best selling skate shoes on the market. It should be no surprise that the retro classics are coming back in updated versions in the Nike SB shoe line. The most popular footwear styles are going to be AF1, Force 58, Chron 2, Blazer, and the new RYZ. Nike SB pro models like the Ishod and Nyjah will continue to be worn by the core skate demographic. Popular Nike SB colors for fall are white, khaki, and baby blue.

#2 Vans shoe collaborations have almost overtaken the popularity of their classic colors. Here are the most popular collaboration of 2022: Vans x Primitive collaboration, Vans x Sailor Moon, Vans x Spongebob, and Vans x T&C Surf. Depending on the grade you are entering into e.g. middle school, high school, or college you may see different styles be adopted at a higher rate at different age groups.

#3 Converse is a timeless footwear brand and is repeatedly in my top 5 picks for back to school outfits. This year expect to see many kids wearing the Converse Spiderweb shoe and of course the Converse One Stars.

#4 Reebok has been making a slow comeback in popularity, although the straps are not back in vogue. Thanks to drama series Stranger Things the classic Reebok Club C, Club C Double, and C85 are all rising in popularity. Expect to see a lot of these shows paired with over the ankle loose fitting pants to show off the shoe.

So what will your first day outfit entail when you return to back to school in the fall of 2022?

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