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It’s time for you to learn about Cartel Circuit. We are borderless, without desks, without walls enterprise that originated after three days stuck inside a small snowed-in apartment. A half case of Miller and two brothers reminiscing about how discovery of new music, art, and brands was so important to their childhood they wish they could experience that feeling over and over again. This created much heart ache because it was evident that time was the only thing they couldn’t produce more of. A month went by and on the back of a magazine cover they wrote out their business plan to bring the world the freshest art and brands the world has to offer. No longer settling for the conventional marketplaces that slam together a hodgepodge “experiences” and call it lifestyle we began curating pieces that excite us. These become a part of who we are and shape our culture. We are Cartel Circuit.

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A collusion of many different talents with over a decade of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), e-commerce, email, development, PHP, cryptocurrency, mobile application development and action sports all wired together like a balanced circuit and created to make the impossible possible.

Matt Dolge


Jessica Pearson


Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

Luise Litt

Lead Developer

Katrina Bennett

Intern Designer

Marco Foster

Intern Designer

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