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We are curating culture.

Culture is often represented by lifestyle. Lifestyle is often represented by brands. It’s a circuit that relays backwards and forwards. Premium brands enrich our lives by the value we place in them. The price you put on the brand is what you are willing to pay for it. We believe that price fixing, limiting supply, and other restrictive practices hurt culture and prohibit growth of brands. We believe that the market should dictate the price and MSRP should be a thing of the past. That’s why there is a new cartel growing on a completely different circuit. We know that you can congruently influence your culture by your lifestyle and brands you represent. We hope your find positive influence in your life with brands that represent your beliefs. We are a collusion of many different talents with a passion for having fun with fashion, technology, art, music, skate, snow, and surf.   Welcome to the new cartel and keep looking ahead. Skol.