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Vashtie Kola

is a true renaissance woman who is a director, filmmaker, artist, designer, entrepreneur, fashionista, creative consultant, and badass DJ. She’s cultured the New York City urban scene for over a decade as a style icon and has recently partnered with G-Shock to create a limited edition watch the GMAS110VK-9A. The analog watch features a gold resin band with a trendy metallic gold finish. The VIOLETTE logo printed on the band and the VA$HTIE logo printed on the caseback as well as custom packaging and tin. We love that this watch features an Auto LED Light Backlight for readability at low light, world time in 48 different cities so you never need to reset your watch while jet-setting.

When asked why Vashtie wanted to partner with G-Shock she said:

“The watch is inspired by my obsession with gold. Traditionally, business people are known for wearing noteworthy timepieces and as the face of the new young entrepreneur/ business person, I wanted to design a G-Shock watch that represented an entrepreneurial spirit and that is also something beautiful and timeless.”

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ross lake

The Youth Leadership Adventures has got to be one of the best youth
programs for empowering youth to be the next generation’s stewards of the

My morning started off at 4:30am on August 9th, 2014 with a 3-hour solo drive to Ross Lake in the North Cascades. I had a lot of time to think about the day ahead yet had no idea how much this day was going to change my life. A month earlier I had accepted the invitation to participate in a day trip with the Youth Leadership Adventures to which I had no prior knowledge of Youth Leadership Adventures. But the offer to hike the North Cascades and explore Ross Lake on a guided boat tour was a chance I couldn’t pass on and I am glad that I didn’t.

By 7:30am the sun was rising over the mountains peaks, which made the lake, sparkle like diamonds. At the trailhead an energetic group of strangers prepared for a hike down to the lake. The strangers were just friends that I had not met and they warmly welcomed me into their group. We tightened our hiking boots, stretched out the legs, and began to make our way down to the “mule”. The hike was an easy scenic stroll on well-kept switchbacks. We took our time to observe wildlife, take photographs, and learn about the history of the North Cascades Institute.

Once we reached the dam we could see that the lake stretched all the way up to the Canadian border. Being an avid hiker who has hiked 4 out of the Mighty 5, Utah’s National Parks I thought I had seen all the colors that nature could provide, but Ross Lake’s naturally blue-green color is surreal and the water is so clear that fish can be seen 10 feet below the water’s surface. This protected land is so pure and raw it cannot be reproduced through photographs.

Before boarding the mule, which is a more of a barge than a boat we discussed the activities for the remainder of the day. Amy Brown from the North Cascades Institute leads the conversation and let’s us in on why we are here. “The YLA is a hands-on outdoor leadership program focused on mentoring students in field science, communications, and public speaking. It is our goal to listen, learn, and support them in their passion for the conservation”.

After about an hour on the boat we arrive at the campsite where the youth leaders have called home for the past ten days. Their campsite is primitive with no running water or restrooms, but has an incredible view that sits on a bluff, which overlooks the lake. I mentally add this as a place to camp to my bucket list. We pick up a number of youth leaders and return to the mule to troll northward to a secluded shoal. This remote area is heavily shaded with overgrown trees and lichens are thriving. It’s lunchtime and we break into small groups to learn why the youth have chosen to participate in YLA. It is at this point that I learn why I made the three-hour drive…

These youth leaders felt empowered to take responsibility for the environment and hearing them speak about conversation, sustainable practices, and stewardship was truly awe-inspiring. Standing before us were the next stewards of the environment. What they needed from us is support, leadership, awareness, and access to resources. What they already had was the determination to protect the environment; they just needed to know how to do it. Thanks to the Youth Leadership Adventures these passionate environmentalist now have the leadership skills to make an impact in their local communities.


Grixis Delver might be the best deck in modern as it is one of the most consistent decks to win. It can apply pressure when needed and is a world-class deck able to compete at the pro level.

Legacy U/R Delver has undergone a terrifying metamorphosis since the loss of its beloved Treasure Cruise. It already often harbored a black splash, the lust for power over the combo decks too easily satisfied by the synergy of Pyromancer and Cabal Therapy. But this is something darker.

In the Treasure Cruise era all of this stayed in the side board and you might never know it was there, unless your opponent naturally drew their Underground Sea. Now, even the threat base has dipped into Black. We’ve seen Tasigur everywhere, in every format. He’s just good. But perhaps good doesn’t belong in this deck. After all, it’s no fun to pay four mana to activate his ability and get back a Daze. Maybe you thought Gurmag Angler was a joke? I assure you that when you’re opponent casts it for one mana and you look down at the Lightning Bolt in your hand, you will not be laughing.

grixis delver mtg of secrets

Dig Through Time isn’t Treasure Cruise, we know. Still, even if you have to pay an extra mana for it, the effect is often better. While other Delver variants have been shy about incorporating the Delve draw spell that requires a whopping TWO mana to cast, Grixis, ever the ruthless pragmatist, has recruited Dig into the fold.

It’s clear that something unseemly is transpiring just below the surface. A once lighthearted, format warping superpower, has fallen from grace and taken on a darker aspect. While BUG lists are working in a different direction, it is Grixis Delver that has taken up the mantle and may be the heir apparent to the Delver throne.


Cards in the Grixis Delver deck:

1 Island
2 Flooded Strand
4 Misty Rainforest
1 Polluted Delta
4 Scalding Tarn
2 Underground Sea
3 Volcanic Island
17 lands

4 Delver of Secrets
1 Gurmag Angler
4 Monastery Swiftspear
4 Young Pyromancer
1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang
14 creatures

4 Brainstorm
4 Daze
2 Dig Through Time
1 Fire//Ice
4 Force of Will
4 Lightning Bolt
2 Forked Bolt
4 Gitaxian Probe
4 Ponder
29 other spells

1 Grafdigger’s Cage
1 Null Rod
1 Pithing Needle
1 Sulfuric Vortex
1 Echoing Truth
2 Price of Progress
3 Pyroblast
1 Rakdos Charm
1 Vendilion Clique
2 Cabal Therapy
1 Sudden Demise
15 sideboard cards

Forward by: Matt Dolge 

Written by: Jordan “Ruthless Pragmatist” Short


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rip n dip cat tee flipping off

The Rip N Dip Lord Nermal pocket t-shirt has a seemingly innocent looking cat poking it’s head out above the pocket, but if you pull down the pocket tee you will reveal that the cat is holding up two middle fingers and giving the bird. This fun shirt is designed by Rip N Dip and features large prayer hands on the back of the shirt that is holding the cat. This shirt is trending super hot and has appeared on reddit, tumblr, and many other sites as being sold out all over the internet. You can purchase the Ripndip pocket tee in black today at any Zumiez store location or online at:

lord nermal rip n dip

rip n dip cat tee flipping off

In case you weren’t found of the prayer hands screened on the back of the tee RipNDip now has two new colorways without the prayer hands on the back that will be available for purchase @midnight.

ripndip red shirt

ripndip tie dye shirt

NEW Colorway features Lord Nermal without the Jesus hands on the back.
lord nermal blue tee shirt by rip n dip

About Rip N Dip is a local skating company designing street wear and located in California that focuses on soft goods with an office in LA. It all started with a couple of screen prints in a garage. Ripndip is a small group of friends that hangs out everyday and skates outside of their office.

Harrison Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash today.

Video Transcription:
Just before coming on the air tonight we got late word that actor Harrison Ford has been seriously injured in a plane crash in California. Ford was flying in a vintage World War II training plane when something caused it to drop out of the sky and came crashing down onto golf course below. Sources tell NBC news that Ford was stabilized and taken to a hospital. He did suffer cuts to his head and possible fractures. There is no word yet on what caused that crash.

skate heads

A skateboard video highlighting the ingenuity of 12 skateboards inspired to build mobile skate features.

Have you ever seen a moveable half-pipe that rides the rails of railroad tracks? How about a boat that can go to sea that doubles as a pyramid feature? Or what about a launch ramp on wheels that is also a beautiful piece of art? It’s better than you imagine.

SKATE HEADS from Flexfit on Vimeo.


PRODUCED BY Booooooom + Flexfit


Rob Rickaby
Andy Anderson
Lee Yankou
Adam Hopkins
Nate Lacoste
Mike Mckinlay
Colin Nogue
Cole Nowicki
Ali Yaqubian
Mike Klinkhammer
Will Blakely
Zach Barton


Sandro Grison
Timothy McLeod
Dave Ehrenreich
Craig Trudeau
City of Vancouver
Chapel Arts


"China Jones" – Gobby & Ian Isiah
Courtesy of UNO NYC, 2013

"Erk" – Gobby
Courtesy of UNO NYC, 2014

"My2Weeks" – Gobby
Courtesy of UNO NYC, 2014

"Y Smart Car" – Gobby
Courtesy of 1080p, 2014

"Clifford" – Gobby
Courtesy of 1080p, 2014

Soundtrack by Gobby, Courtesy of UNO NYC & 1080p.