If you haven’t heard the conspiracy theories about the Black Scale Pyramid Ring read up and find out how this golden ring has more mystery surrounding it than the ancient pyramids.

So the pyramid ring is nothing new and has been reinvented many times over but within the past two years surprisingly three companies all designed the same ring. Who designed the ring first is still a mystery. Han Cholo designed a similar ring that had a HC embossed on the side of the ring. Decide for yourself who has the best design and who knocked-off who!

Black Scale
pyramid ring black scale

Han Cholo
pyramid ring han cholo

King Ice
pyramid ring king ice

So who made it first and who did it best? Looking forward to your comments below…

Dear ,

Congratulations on receiving an offer on your home!

The moment we walked in the front door we fell in love with your home. The circular floor plan, the Juliet balcony, the dual fireplaces, the chef like kitchen. My wife and I have seen so many homes in the past couple months and have never written an offer on a home because we have not found that our dream home until we toured yours! We understand that you have multiple offers on your home and you should expect to receive top dollar for your home. While our offer is above asking it may not be the the highest bid but we would like you to consider our offer and here is why…

We have spent the last 48 hours dreaming of all the parties we would have, getting to know the our new neighborhood, and growing our family. We also understand that the lot next to your home is zoned high density and is being converted to a town home. Your home has such amazing period pieces like the contrasting wood inlay in the hard woods that we would hate to see your home purchased only to be torn down and replaced with a gray box. If you were to accept our offer we can assure you that we will never tear it down and promise to love it with all our hearts.

We hope you consider our offer and look to forward to closing quickly and without negotiation.



If you have never been to the North Cascades it is time to take a drive and put on your boots and find out how NCI is supporting youth and are stewards of this environment.

Each summer the North Cascades Institute takes high school students on a two-week adventure into the mountains, including a hike up Desolation Peak where Jack Kerouac once sojourned. I met some in Devils Canyon, a heavenly grotto where Ross Lake winds back into Devils Creek gorge. The sun, dancing on the clear water, cast undulating light waves on the surrounding cliffs and their hanging gardens of fern and trees.

Because of the generosity of supporters like you, we have raised more than $158,000 over the past month for our transformative youth programs: Mountain School and Youth Leadership Adventures! We need to raise $17,000 over the next 72 hours to meet our goal — can we count on you to help us make it?

Every dollar raised goes directly towards providing scholarships for young people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to get outdoors, learning about stewardship, natural and cultural history and, most notably, the leadership potential they have.

If you’ve been to any of our recent book launch celebrations for the new North Cascades book, you were likely impressed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist William Dietrich’s presentation. In his essay “The Wild Nearby,” he writes about visiting our Youth Leadership Adventures students on Ross Lake:

“The mountains stretched out like a map,” Sherwin Shabder of Olympia told me, describing the view from Desolation that he’d risen at 5:00 a.m. to climb. “The mountains looked like they could fit in your pocket.”

“You can listen to yourself,” said Cristina Gonzalez of Burlington. “I learned who I am as a person.”

Jeanette Johnson of Olympia had jotted down her impressions: “The big hard sun is up there to beat down. The big green reaches toward the sky. The good earth breathes.”

What these students found was life changing. “I want to help the environment so people can experience what I’ve experienced,” said Richard Perkins of Kelso.

“One person really can change the world,” said Jenny Wall of Walla Walla.

Then they went back ashore and slipped into the forest, absorbed into the mountains once again.

This work of leading young people into our local Wild Nearby, of providing them opportunities and mentorship for personal growth and transformation, of inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards is more vital today than ever before.

You can directly impact the next generation by donating to the Campaign for Youth right now at www.ncascades.org/support. If you haven’t yet contributed , remember that your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar — up to $25,000 — with support from the National Park Service Challenge Program.

Donate today http://ncascades.org/support/campaign-for-youth

The 2014/2015 snowboard season is among us and change is in the air. The change begins with Burton snowboards. For the first time Burton now has more softgoods than hardgoods in their product line. So how and more importantly why did the snowboard leader Burton want to become a streetwear brand? Well, they why is easy money but how they did it has a lot has to do with Burton massively expanding its softgood selection. Softgoods are of t-shirts, socks, hoodies, flannels, jackets, pants, and even shorts. Once they expanded their product line Burton then took that massively offering of clothing and distributed it to stores that typically wouldn’t carry Burton snowboards and hardgoods. Enter Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Zappos. Now you no longer have to visit a small, dimly light, and wax smelling snowboard shop to buy Burton products. The nostalgic smell of a snowboard being waxed always reminds me winter is on its way. After increasing its distribution Burton then increased their number of “Collabs” and partnered with brands that they may not considered partnering with in the past including Pixar and Disney. One of the collabs I am most pumped about is the partnership with artist Derek Nobbs who created one of the best snowboard graphics I have ever seen on a Burton board. The TWC Pro Snowboard is Shaun White’s pro model and only comes in one size a 156cm. It features Derek’s familiar nautically inspired artwork on the base and top sheet. The board itself is a beast and meant for advanced riders but that shouldn’t stop you from setting your sights on this board and learning how to ride it. You can get the Burton TWC Pro Snowboard at http://www.zumiez.com/brands/burton.html.Burton Snowboard TWC 156cm

Même le plus cassé de ponts combo bien commencer quelque part. Ce n’est pas avec un tour héritage tue que la tempête a commencé, ni avec des ponts de Ritual – lourd bleu – rouge qui a incité de nombreux bannissements en moderne. L’histoire de ponts d’assaut la concurrence commence avec un pont avant pont tempête obtenu ce nom : avec Twiddle Désir.

Quels sont les ingrédients d’une plate-forme de tempête succès ? Mana rapide, le filtrage de la carte, et les cartes de tempête pour gagner le match. Mais revenons à ce format étendu, les gens devaient aller avec des moyens un peu plus rond-point d’obtenir ce mana rapide. Bien sûr, il est logique qu’ils avaient utilisent l’accélération comme Chrome Mox, Monolithe sinistre, et en quelque sorte la – il, n’était- – interdit – déjà bustedness de Tinker. Mais quel est le mana rapide pour aller avec ça? Eh bien, si vous dégagez doré Lotus pour un mana, c’est comme Messe noire qui fait n’importe quelle couleur. Alors, combien devrait jouer le pont ?

Que diriez-vous de onze. Quatre Twiddle, quatre Grip de rêve, puis trois Rafale de l’énergie ( regarder vers le haut ) que le pont ne pouvait jamais jeter si elle frappa doré Lotus pour du mana blanc.

Il s’est avéré qu’il y avait des moyens un peu plus efficaces d’utiliser le désir de l’esprit, et de meilleures choses à faire avec Tinker que tuteur pour Lotus doré. La grande faiblesse était qu’il s’agissait d’une plate-forme basée orthographe probablement ( comme les ponts tempête sont ), mais il s’est appuyé si lourdement sur d’avoir quelques permanents en jeu depuis plus d’un tour. Plus tard, ils pourraient tout simplement jouer terres, jeter des sorts à la fin du tour, puis appuyez sur leurs adversaires et de gagner tous à la fois. Mais ces premières esquisses ont contribué à façonner ce futur les ponts de désir de l’esprit ressemblerait jusqu’à ce que la carte pivote dans le format.

Vous pouvez toujours jouer le désir de l’esprit comme un one-of en Vintage. Essayez cette semaine à votre FNM Vintage locale!

Translated by Matt Dolge
Written by Jesse Mason