Hotel Motel dance night at Havana social club located in Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington is now a hump day party where the leisure is paramount. Hotel Motel was originally every Tuesday night and if you had a Hotel Motel key then you had a standing reservation. Although the evening has changed rumor has it if you still have a key you have been grandfathered in and your reservation still is valid. It’s time to dance the night away so break the Seattle Freeze and meet some locals that have a key. Check out some of the past party photos.
hotel_motel_750 Photo credit: Halftone Design by Nathan Manny.

Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood

Rapper Wiz Khalifa gets his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, as his new Blacc Hollywood album arrives atop the list. His exclusive clothing line Blacc Hollywood is also making moves and has become a top selling item at Zumiez. You can only buy the Blacc Hollywood clothing at


Here is how to recap a Pathfinder expedition:

Esteemed accomplices,

I have sold the jewels, silverwares, and gentlewomen’s clothings. Calculations to the sundry proceeds and expenses of the Citizens of Freeport Opera have been completed. Furthermore, I have accounted for all other treasures and items of worth at their adjusted values. The summation of these efforts results in the enormous sum of One Hundred Thousands and One Thousands and Three Hundreds Freeport Gold Dragoons.

This amount, I have then divided by five so that each one of us, although with different sizes and abilities, can receive an equal portion as agreed upon previously and signed in blood at the Three Horsemen’s Tavern.

Onwards and downwards — your friend in adventure,


Zumiez is hiring for an E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator. Individuals interested in this position should apply online at

Primary responsibilities include coordinating product feed, performing site audits, improving email segmentation groups, optimizing Meta data, writing CMS and ad copy, building referral links, claiming local search results, and keyword research.

Zumiez is a leading specialty retailer of apparel, footwear, accessories and hardgoods for young men and women who want to express their individuality through the fashion, music, art and culture of action sports, streetwear and other unique lifestyles.

M15, brings us Yisan, the Wandering Bard which will be the center piece of your mono-colored green deck or more preferably your new favorite EDH deck. The card artwork was designed Brian Fargo.

Yisan’s card artwork tells the story of battered musician who has learned how to become a snake charmer of giant maggots. The mechanics of the card start out slow as struggling musicians often do, paying their dues by playing at crappy venues with little to no followers. But, then Yisan learns how to pluck his harp and after adding a few catchy verses (counters) are sung the verses become effective and Yisan starts to draw a crowd. Yisan’s songs are heard across the Forest land and his followers grow as he is able to add counters each turn and soon he has some heavy hitting monsters moshing in his pit.

So if you want to get out of the pit and pendulum then make sure your EDH deck has a well-balanced Mana curve and you have a strong Mana ramp strategy. Yisan, won’t get a turn five win but will make it a fun commander to have at your side if you enjoy casting enormous creatures and holding up lighters to power ballads.


Cult Gnar Apparel was created by Dave Enriquez as a passion project from a hodgepodge of all of his and his friend’s favorites things. Their passions include taking motorcycle trips to Mexico, skateboard street missions, creating art and being in the wilderness. Since it’s inception in 2012 it has evolved from t-shirts to raglans, tanks, 5 panel hats, stickers, and with gossip of a capsule to be released in the fall. Some of the screens include pentagrams, pulp fiction girls cutting girls, skulls, and tombstones with sayings like, “SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD”.


To further prove the usefulness of social media marketing for SEO I performed a test that only used social media marketing as a means to improve the search engine results page position of a page. The keyword that this page was optimized for was a highly competitive keyword and as shown inline was a term that did not rank in the first 40 positions prior to this experiment. Doing nothing other than adding social sharing buttons to the page, creating a Google+ page, and using only social media within five months the page appeared on the first page of the search engine results page and ranked in position 6!

According to SharedCount here are the social sharing stats:

    8 Facebook likes
    5 Facebook Comments
    11 Facebook Shares
    2 Tweets
    3 Stumbles
    14,310 page views
    1,425 Google +1’s

Screen-Shot-2014-08-13-at-4.52.55-PM Magento is a powerful, scalable eCommerce solution that allows site managers to control multiple store views from one administration panel. The ability to control multiple store views is definitely underestimated and undersold from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective as store views can offer personalization and localization. Additionally, having control over a second store view can create opportunities for A/B testing and even allow a SEO to test URLs for categories and product pages.

Adding a new store view in Magento can be done in four steps but before creating a new store view it is important to note that by creating multiple store views using the same catalog may introduce a new parameter to your URLs.

Normally, a new parameter only means the page with the parameter is a variation of the page without the parameter the Webmaster can control of the crawling of new parameters within Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). However, when a new store view is implemented there is a sneaky “___store” parameter that may be added to every URL on your website. The new parameter has just created a duplicate page for every page on the website and creates a very high risk of being penalized for duplicate content. Even if the site is not penalized for duplicate content the page with the new parameter will become indexed, cached, and shared with the incorrect or un-optimized URL. It is also worth to note all the new URLs will have a page authority of 1 and the duplication of your site content will wreck havoc on your search engine optimization efforts.

When a store view is initially installed the configuration settings are assigned to “default” and if a website only has a single store view the default value should never appear in the URLs of the site. Upon implementing a new store view the “___store” parameter with the value of default may be added to every URL within the original store view. This can be prevented if the “___store” parameter has not been commented out in the Magento Catalog widget.

If you are currently running multiple store views and are uncertain if this parameter exists on your domain using the Google operator site: and “___store” you can find out if the new store view is causing duplicate content. Here’s how to do it: “___store” (that’s three underlines)

If you find that your pages have been indexed and duplicated with the “___store” parameter it may be recommended to use GWT to decide how Google should index your content. Caution: Use this method only if you’re sure how parameters work. Incorrectly excluding parameters could result in many pages disappearing from organic search results.