Skate Heads

A skateboard video highlighting the ingenuity of 12 skateboards inspired to build mobile skate features.

Have you ever seen a moveable half-pipe that rides the rails of railroad tracks? How about a boat that can go to sea that doubles as a pyramid feature? Or what about a launch ramp on wheels that is also a beautiful piece of art? It’s better than you imagine.

SKATE HEADS from Flexfit on Vimeo.


PRODUCED BY Booooooom + Flexfit


Rob Rickaby
Andy Anderson
Lee Yankou
Adam Hopkins
Nate Lacoste
Mike Mckinlay
Colin Nogue
Cole Nowicki
Ali Yaqubian
Mike Klinkhammer
Will Blakely
Zach Barton


Sandro Grison
Timothy McLeod
Dave Ehrenreich
Craig Trudeau
City of Vancouver
Chapel Arts


"China Jones" – Gobby & Ian Isiah
Courtesy of UNO NYC, 2013

"Erk" – Gobby
Courtesy of UNO NYC, 2014

"My2Weeks" – Gobby
Courtesy of UNO NYC, 2014

"Y Smart Car" – Gobby
Courtesy of 1080p, 2014

"Clifford" – Gobby
Courtesy of 1080p, 2014

Soundtrack by Gobby, Courtesy of UNO NYC & 1080p.

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