8/25/17 – “We put teachers first”.

8/22/17 – Drop off in the infant room: Child is seated coughing, I notice something silvery in his mouth and tell teacher that I think something is in his mouth. She says we don’t have anything in the room that is small enough to fit in their mouths. Child continues to cough so I lean down at eye level of child and notice that he does have something in his mouth and ask the teach to intervene. The teacher get up from rocking chair puts baby down that she is holding and does an emergency finger swipe in his mouth. She retrieves a foil gum wrapper and comments I wonder where he got that?

8/21/17 – Child U is passed out on the tile floor, eyes closed, face down, not moving. I inquire with teacher about if he is okay. She says he isn’t feeling well and his mother is on the way to pick him up.

6/22/17 – Child E pulls chair out from Child A. Child Y begins to cry. Teacher says to Child E “this is why nobody likes you” and then picks up Child A and puts Child A on a different chair. Child E walks away looking sad.

6/15/17 – Child J and Child A are playing. Child A wants what Child J has. Child J is scratched by Child A. Child J retaliates by attempting to hit Child A. Teacher intervenes to stop Child J by yelling “No”. Child J arm is grabbed and Child J shaken by arm. Child J begins to cry.

6/24/15 – Drop off occurs later in the morning and all the children are outside playing. Child B attempts to steal a tricycle from Child J even though there are plenty of tricycles not being used and available. Child B attempts to pull Child J who is not wearing a helmet off the bike and onto the concrete. No intervention from the teacher even though Child J is screaming and crying.

7/6/15 – Arrive to school and the classroom is dark (all lights in the room have been turned off). I ask to turn the lights on the teacher screams “no, don’t turn on the lights”! Teacher explains she has a migraine and can barely see. Child B is physically trying to take a toy from Child J and Child J begins to cry. Teacher grumbles something in audible under her breath at the sound of crying. She then takes Child B by the hand aggressively to corner of room.

7/13/15 – Child X tries to take Child J’s binkey from their mouth. To avoid Child J moves away from Child X. Child X still pursues Child J for binkey. Teacher picks up Child J who is now crying. Child J squirms as binkey is dropped from mouth. Child X is closing in on binkey on the floor. Child J being held in arms of teacher does a back bend to try to get binkey and teacher drops Child J. Child J lands head first on the ground.

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