6/29/17 –

6/22/17 – Child E pulls chair out from Child A. Child Y begins to cry. Teacher says to Child E “this is why nobody likes you” and then picks up Child A and puts Child A on a different chair. Child E walks away looking sad.

6/15/17 – Child J and Child A are playing. Child A wants what Child J has. Child J is scratched by Child A. Child J retaliates by attempting to hit Child A. Teacher intervenes to stop Child J by yelling “No”. Child J arm is grabbed and Child J shaken by arm. Child J begins to cry.

6/24/15 – Drop off occurs later in the morning and all the children are outside playing. Child B attempts to steal a tricycle from Child J even though there are plenty of tricycles not being used and available. Child B attempts to pull Child J who is not wearing a helmet off the bike and onto the concrete. No intervention from the teacher even though Child J is screaming and crying.

7/6/15 – Arrive to school and the classroom is dark (all lights in the room have been turned off). I ask to turn the lights on the teacher screams “no, don’t turn on the lights”! Teacher explains she has a migraine and can barely see. Child B is physically trying to take a toy from Child J and Child J begins to cry. Teacher grumbles something in audible under her breath at the sound of crying. She then takes Child B by the hand aggressively to corner of room.

7/13/15 – Child X tries to take Child J’s binkey from their mouth. To avoid Child J moves away from Child X. Child X still pursues Child J for binkey. Teacher picks up Child J who is now crying. Child J squirms as binkey is dropped from mouth. Child X is closing in on binkey on the floor. Child J being held in arms of teacher does a back bend to try to get binkey and teacher drops Child J. Child J lands head first on the ground.

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