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Jordan Grace’s Brutal Slam

What sane individual feels compelled to hurl their body down a set of stairs to slide precariously on a hand rail? To skateboarders it is second nature.

This is the most brutal slam that you will ever see in skateboarding history that results in no physical injury.  Jordan Grace retells the story of the day he ollies down a double set of stairs to slide a double kinked rail and landed neck first on a hand rail. Caution this skateboard video contains graphic imagery.

Video transcription:

Everything was going normal that day. I was sliding them down. I remember making it to the bottom one time. That one try I was like leaning too far forward for the second kink and just got served dude. Ate shit. It was slow motion, it was one of those slam where I like go oh this is going to happen this is going to suck. And yeah, I hit my neck on it…(laughs)…somehow. It went down hill from there. Everyone in the park was like call 911 and stuff. I was like “chill out man let me figure it out”. Chris was just like “dude, you got to go to the hospital today”. So yeah, I played it safe and went to the hospital to get checked out. They put me in like a whole body CAT scan and scanned my body. The doctor said “I shouldn’t skate again for six weeks”. I was skating again like within a week. Even my parents they were freaking out. My mom was like wow it was way worse than what you made it seem. Everyone thought I shouldn’t be able to skate or walk anymore. I kinda agree that slam was bad.

And there was a Gopro angle that no one has seen either. Oh shit, I forgot about that. There was a Go-Pro there. We got to show them that. I haven’t even seen that.

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