Deeply Loved

Bunnies by the bay has a delightful bunny charm which is part of the Hareytale. you will find it printed on hangtags, signs and packaging. It is simple sweet and fun to repeat. Bunnies are our best friends. They do delight and give glad dreams.

This began when the fisherman of cricket island told their children before I go out to sea if you are ever in trouble say this charm three times and leave a bunch of carrots as a thankful token. Help will come.

our family believes in this charm because help came to use when we asked and it always comes from someone and somewhere we least expect help.

we are three sisters that deeply love what we do and why we do it but most importantly we do it for the babies and wee ones that need to feel safe, secure and loved. We know that they these things are what make bunnies by the bay gifts so loved and why your little one will deeply love them too.

nothing is more important to us than little ones feeling safe.

by using the softest fabrics babies find our gifts comforting, warm, and soothing. Their unique charming de-tails add a bit of wit and whim for the parents and this is how bunnies do delight.

the hareytale is told through the family of bunnies and our books. this is how best friends are made indeed.

if you are ever lost at sea look for a bunny.

one day blossom found a wee bear with a note that said if you ever lose a bunny we can make you a new one.

better than new. worn out bunnies that still have live in them can become a keepsake harelooms heirlooms.

in good friends garden wee bunnies are born beneath the cabbages, sweet peas and corn.

kiddo is a little lamb, chirps his week feathered friend. They love to play in the rain, splashing again and again.

your delightful soft friends and baby toys are perfect pals for a seaside day. new or old your baby toys.

buddy blankets are very loved and may cause stress if they become misplaced or lost. so please take it from me busy bee and be prepared by always having a spare buddy on hand. smaller size with a security loop on the back for safe traveling.

we can help you repair and care for you wee little ones. you can wash and dry your plush toys from bunnies by the bay. here is how you care for bunnies by the bay.

find repair answers or replace your lost bunny.

deeply loved bunnies will always be by your side.

stories about how deeply loved bunnies toys are to the babies.

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