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Jordan Grace’s Brutal Slam

skateboard slam hand rail

What sane individual feels compelled to hurl their body down a set of stairs to slide precariously on a hand rail? To skateboarders it is second nature.

This is the most brutal slam that you will ever see in skateboarding history that results in no physical injury.  Jordan Grace retells the story of the day he ollies down a double set of stairs to slide a double kinked rail and landed neck first on a hand rail. Caution this skateboard video contains graphic imagery.

Video transcription:

Everything was going normal that day. I was sliding them down. I remember making it to the bottom one time. That one try I was like leaning too far forward for the second kink and just got served dude. Ate shit. It was slow motion, it was one of those slam where I like go oh this is going to happen this is going to suck. And yeah, I hit my neck on it…(laughs)…somehow. It went down hill from there. Everyone in the park was like call 911 and stuff. I was like “chill out man let me figure it out”. Chris was just like “dude, you got to go to the hospital today”. So yeah, I played it safe and went to the hospital to get checked out. They put me in like a whole body CAT scan and scanned my body. The doctor said “I shouldn’t skate again for six weeks”. I was skating again like within a week. Even my parents they were freaking out. My mom was like wow it was way worse than what you made it seem. Everyone thought I shouldn’t be able to skate or walk anymore. I kinda agree that slam was bad.

And there was a Gopro angle that no one has seen either. Oh shit, I forgot about that. There was a Go-Pro there. We got to show them that. I haven’t even seen that.

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Nike Ab Shirt

nike ab tee shirt

The Nike Ab Tee Shirt is regaining popularity in Germany and the United States amongst youth and counter-culture kin after much dispute to the authenticity of whether or not this is actually a Nike manufactured product. This shirt is so hard to find because it doesn’t have distribution in the U.S. most likely because of assumed pressure from Nike to restrict sales of the item based on claims of trademark and copyright infringement. While the artist’s name and manufacture of the shirt first remained elusive as Banksy; we have uncovered the artist responsible for design and his name is Alexander Tikhomirov who is a self-described artist and filmmaker. Alex modeled the t-shirt after his own tattoo “born to be” which he has tattooed on his own abs.

nike ab shirt

So does this awesomely designed t-shirt create a legitimate trademark dispute with Nike even though it doesn’t say the word Nike or show the iconic Nike Swoosh? We assume the reason why you cannot find this highly sought after Nike ab t-shirt anywhere on the internet or in any brick and mortar store is because the product is considered a counterfeit product and was not sold, endorsed, or manufactured by Nike, Inc. We assume it infringes on the Nike Swoosh logo and Nike’s internal counterfeit team works tirelessly to suppress unauthorized individuals from distributing and selling product like this. Does the fact that thousands of people are searching for this item with the keywords “Nike Ab” prove that the intent of the artist is to deceive the consumer into believing the shirt is a genuine and authentic Nike brand product. If the product was purely an art piece and not made for profiting off of another’s registered trademark then there would no concern, however because there is an attempt to deceive and profit from this product this is where it breaks the law. While seemingly harmless these types of fake products can damage a brand’s equity and this may be why we haven’t seen global distribution for this product.

The bottom line is counterfeiting is illegal and it has a significant impact on our global economy by removing thousands of jobs and costing the global economy over $500 billion of revenue a year. Litigation will be required to determine if this product can be sold in the U.S. markets but until it has been decided by a court of law this product should be considered a great parody or art piece. Until that time Tikhomirov will be able to continue to profit on this tee.

If you can’t wait for the gavel to drop to determine the legal ramifications of purchasing potentially counterfeit product you can get it at ILifeStore. The site is a Romania website operating out of the EU that ships internationally.

What are your thoughts on this shirt? Is it infringing on Nike’s trademarks? Looking forward to your comments below…

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Vashtie Kola & G-Shock Collab

vashtie - g-shock watch

vashtie kola nude gold watch

Vashtie Kola

is a true renaissance woman who is a director, filmmaker, artist, designer, entrepreneur, fashionista, creative consultant, and badass DJ. She’s cultured the New York City urban scene for over a decade as a style icon and has recently partnered with G-Shock to create a limited edition watch the GMAS110VK-9A. The analog watch features a gold resin band with a trendy metallic gold finish. The VIOLETTE logo printed on the band and the VA$HTIE logo printed on the caseback as well as custom packaging and tin. We love that this watch features an Auto LED Light Backlight for readability at low light, world time in 48 different cities so you never need to reset your watch while jet-setting.

When asked why Vashtie wanted to partner with G-Shock she said:

“The watch is inspired by my obsession with gold. Traditionally, business people are known for wearing noteworthy timepieces and as the face of the new young entrepreneur/ business person, I wanted to design a G-Shock watch that represented an entrepreneurial spirit and that is also something beautiful and timeless.”

Get the watch at Zumiez.

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Lord Nermal – Rip N Dip Cat Shirt

rip n dip cat tee flipping off

The Rip N Dip Lord Nermal pocket t-shirt has a seemingly innocent looking cat poking it’s head out above the pocket, but if you pull down the pocket tee you will reveal that the cat is holding up two middle fingers and giving the bird. This fun shirt is designed by Rip N Dip and features large prayer hands on the back of the shirt that is holding the cat. This shirt is trending super hot and has appeared on reddit, tumblr, and many other sites as being sold out all over the internet. You can purchase the Ripndip pocket tee in black today at any Zumiez store location or online at:

lord nermal rip n dip

rip n dip cat tee flipping off

In case you weren’t found of the prayer hands screened on the back of the tee RipNDip now has two new colorways without the prayer hands on the back that will be available for purchase @midnight.

ripndip red shirt

ripndip tie dye shirt

NEW Colorway features Lord Nermal without the Jesus hands on the back.
lord nermal blue tee shirt by rip n dip

About Rip N Dip is a local skating company designing street wear and located in California that focuses on soft goods with an office in LA. It all started with a couple of screen prints in a garage. Ripndip is a small group of friends that hangs out everyday and skates outside of their office.

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Harrison Ford In A Plane Crash

Harrison Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash today.

Video Transcription:
Just before coming on the air tonight we got late word that actor Harrison Ford has been seriously injured in a plane crash in California. Ford was flying in a vintage World War II training plane when something caused it to drop out of the sky and came crashing down onto golf course below. Sources tell NBC news that Ford was stabilized and taken to a hospital. He did suffer cuts to his head and possible fractures. There is no word yet on what caused that crash.

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The Hottest Street Wear Brands in 2015

unif girls

Why did only 9 street wear brands make the list? Because as 8&9 describes below nine is the most perfect and powerful number and is now our favorite number. So away with top 10 lists, here’s the top 9. BTW, put on some headphones and turn up the volume as FrancisGotHeat beats are awesome!


It’s time to familize yourself with Unif if you do not already know. This bold men’s and women’s apparel line was created by Eric Espinoza + Christine Lai and is unique and original in every essence. This prêt-à-porter line looks to be bespoke at first glance but isn’t which sets it apart from all others.


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ZANEROBE is a progressive streetwear label designed in Sydney, Australia. They don’t know me like you know me. All we can say is watch the video and then go take out a loan to pick up all this gear. It is no wonder they are number one on our list!

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Hoonigan KB Hoodie

Ken Block is the founder of Hoonigan and their cultural icon. Hoonigan stands out from the rest of the street wear brands being highly focused on only those that drive or hoon cars. Hoon activities can include speeding, burnouts, doughnuts or screeching tires. Those commonly identified as being involved in “hooning” or street racing are young and predominantly male, although increasingly female, drivers in the age range of 17 and 35 years.

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#4 8&9

8&9 clothing

8&9 is streetwear brand based in beautiful Miami, Florida. While 8&9 mostly appears in small boutiques in major metropolitans it is carried worldwide by over 250 retailers. 8&9 design aesthetics combine a fierce anti-establishment attitude with quality design, old school color ways and re-appropriated sub-culture references. The grittiness of the Miami street scene is where 8&9 gets their influence. So how did the number eight and nine become the name of the brand? Thge symbolism is found within each number…the number eight represents infinity, and number nine is the highest most powerful and perfect single digit number. If you refuse to settle and are a constant path of evolving then find infinite perfection in 8&9 clothing.

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kinfolk matches

The bicycle culture streetwear brand Kinfolk was formed in 2008 by a Salah Mason and a couple friends from New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, Japan. The concept of a “Kinfolk life” grew from their desire to create products and experiences that weren’t available to purchase. They live true to their mantra and some of their best digs aren’t easy to acquire. Combining experience from a variety of disciplines, the friends set out to source the highest quality designers, builders and techniques to develop lasting products and unique experiences. As the Kinfolk family continues growing by the day, the missions of working hard and having fun remain steadfast.

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supreme clothing on couch

In April 1994, Supreme opened its doors on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan and became the home of New York City skate culture. At its core was the gang of rebellious young New York skaters and artists who became the store’s staff, crew, and customers.

Supreme grew to be the embodiment of the downtown culture, playing an integral part in its constant regeneration. Skaters, punks, hip-hop heads – the young counter culture at large – all gravitated towards Supreme.

While it grew into a downtown institution, Supreme established itself as a brand known for its quality, style and authenticity.

Over its twenty year history, Supreme has worked with some of our generation’s most groundbreaking designers, artists, photographers and musicians – all who have helped continue to define its unique identity and attitude.

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rhythm clothing

Rhythm brings together a group of individuals with a shared dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love. Drawing on influences from art, music and surf – past, present and future. Rhythm speaks to creative self-expressionists who yearn for new frontiers off the well-worn path.

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ambig clothing

Founded in 1995 this brand was on the brink of shutting down before re-inventing the brand as more of a street wear clothing brand rather than an exclusive skate brand. Today Ambiguous is looking fresher than ever and has broadened their category selection which helped reach a wider consumer. Expect this brand to continue to grow and take it to the next level.

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naketano logo

The most elusive brand of all the street wear brands this No fur. No down. No silk. No leather. No wool. brand is infamous for keeping it low key. Good luck tracking down a website other than Blue Tomato that carries Naketano products.

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How To Make Environmental Change At The Local Level

mountain top

Lincoln Peak, looking to the Southwest Photo credit:

Protecting the environmental is a monumental task and it can be overwhelming just thinking about where to start. To be effective at preserving our environment it is important to start small and set your sights on preserving your environment at the local level. If you adopt the mantra “Think Globally, Act Locally” you will be more successful at administering change.

So where do you start? It depends on how you want to contribute. If planting trees or rebuilding streams are not something you can do contact your elected officials and tell them that you need their support in protecting our environment.

Start at the top of the food chain with most important being the president.
Twitter: @BarackObama

Next work your way down to the state and local levels. Here is how to contact Washington state representatives.
Twitter: @CantwellPress

Twitter: @PattyMurray

Twitter: @BLMdirector
Email: (Neil Kornze)

If you are an educator at any level an easy acronym to teach is T.R.E.E.S. which will empowers others to become stewards of the environment.

    T = Teach
    R = Recycle
    E = Establish protected areas
    E = Energy conservation
    S = Stewardship

Lastly, once you have contacted your local representatives and inspired others to preserve their local environment it is time to get your hands dirty and begin protecting the environment. No matter where you live these are the top 10 ways to protect your local environment.

What you can do locally:
1. Trail (path) restoration
2. Indigenous tree and shrub planting
3. Greenscaping
4. Grow your own garden
5. Adopt a watershed
6. Organize a trash clean up
7. Monitor air quality
8. Take shorter showers
9. Sign up for the P3 Expo
10. Carpool, take mass transit, ride a skateboard

I look forward to reading your comments.

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Protect The Arctic Refuge

Polar Bear

This is a significant moment for the future of the Refuge. President Obama has shown great leadership and commitment to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by being the first president to call for the strongest possible protection for the Coastal Plain.

The Obama administration has made a historic Wilderness recommendation for the protection of
the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s Coastal Plain as part of its Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP).

Like the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and all the iconic places protected by those generations that have come before us, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge must be here for future generations to enjoy. You can thank the President directly on the White House Facebook page by liking and sharing the White House CCP post:

Thank you, President Obama, for protecting the Artic National Wildlife Refuge! #ProtectTheArcticRefuge

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Fox Fremont Hooded Jacket Review

Fox Racing

We recently got our hands on the Fox Fremont jacket and wore it around town this past week and received enough positive comments on the jacket to stroke our egos to the point of bursting.

Despite the positive comments we received on the jacket we are not found of fake hoods because wearing a real hooded sweatshirt underneath a jacket creates style and adds a punch of style by creating a layered look. And more importantly why fake anything anyways?

Getting onto the review…the Fox Fremont Hooded Jacket is much thicker than it appears online and is surprisingly warm because of the thick fleece lining. If you are looking for a warm jacket without the bulk you’ll enjoy wearing this jacket. The thickness of the jacket will create the appearance of the wearer of having broader shoulders and thicker around the chest area which you can tell from the pictures below. Skinny hipsters will look like they have bird legs while wearing this jacket but if your style is more traditional Americana than this jacket will be perfect and will compliment your style nicely, especially if you ride.

The jacket will set you back a Benjamin and a Jackson after Uncle Sam gets his cut and seems pricey at first blush but a closer look at the unique detailing will show you why the jacket is priced at $109.95:

The finer details include:

    Heavy duty custom zipper pull feels rugged and sturdy
    Hidden ribbed knit sleeve cuffs will keep arms warm while riding
    Internal fleece lined pocket to hide your stash

Overall, once we remove the fake hood and replace it with a badge this will be our favorite jacket. Interested in buying the Fox Fremont Jacket?


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