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Morph est bizarre. Magic The Gathering

Morph est bizarre. On nous a présenté Morph comme mécanicien dans le bloc Onslaught, puis nous avons renoué pendant bloc Time Spiral. Morph est partie du jeu, et nous sommes habitués à cela, mais la saveur sage c’est assez flippant bizarre. Une créature de morphing face vers le bas est incolore et est un 2/2,…

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Top 10 Joan Rivers Jokes

Whether you were a fan of Joan River or not Joan Rivers’ self deprecating humor made us all laugh as it is much easier to laugh at someone else versus ourselves. Here are Joan Rivers’ top ten self deprecating jokes: 1. I was dating a transvestite, and my mother said, “Marry him, you’ll double your…

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Jennifer Lawrence Photos

It is certainly undeniable that we all want to see sexy, naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence with the exception of her family and friends and herein lies the opportunity that we have to evolve in humanity. If we treated strangers like family we wouldn’t be inclined to steal their private photos or share them to…

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Hotel Motel Dance Night

Hotel Motel dance night at Havana social club located in Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington is now a hump day party where the leisure is paramount. Hotel Motel was originally every Tuesday night and if you had a Hotel Motel key then you had a standing reservation. Although the evening has changed rumor has it…

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Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood

Rapper Wiz Khalifa gets his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, as his new Blacc Hollywood album arrives atop the list. His exclusive clothing line Blacc Hollywood is also making moves and has become a top selling item at Zumiez. You can only buy the Blacc Hollywood clothing at

Pathfinder RPG – Citizens of Freeport Opera

Here is how to recap a Pathfinder expedition: Esteemed accomplices, I have sold the jewels, silverwares, and gentlewomen’s clothings. Calculations to the sundry proceeds and expenses of the Citizens of Freeport Opera have been completed. Furthermore, I have accounted for all other treasures and items of worth at their adjusted values. The summation of these…

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E-commerce Marketing Coordinator

Zumiez is hiring for an E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator. Individuals interested in this position should apply online at Primary responsibilities include coordinating product feed, performing site audits, improving email segmentation groups, optimizing Meta data, writing CMS and ad copy, building referral links, claiming local search results, and keyword research. Zumiez is a leading specialty retailer…

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Yisan, The Wandering Bard – MTG

M15, brings us Yisan, the Wandering Bard which will be the center piece of your mono-colored green deck or more preferably your new favorite EDH deck. The card artwork was designed Brian Fargo. Yisan’s card artwork tells the story of battered musician who has learned how to become a snake charmer of giant maggots. The…

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Cult Gnar

Cult Gnar Apparel was created by Dave Enriquez as a passion project from a hodgepodge of all of his and his friend’s favorites things. Their passions include taking motorcycle trips to Mexico, skateboard street missions, creating art and being in the wilderness. Since it’s inception in 2012 it has evolved from t-shirts to raglans, tanks,…

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