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Rihanna’s Sock Game

rihanna socks

The 27 year old singer, actress, and songwriter stepped up her sock game (pun intended) by inking a 3 year contract with Stance to design a sock collection to be released this autumn.

It’s true, Rihanna’s sock game recently took a promotion from fashion designer to creative director by partnering with Stance socks, the official provider of socks to the National Basketball Association. In her new role she will be designing limited edition socks. This isn’t just a fluffy title to make her appear more legit as a fashion designer in fact quite the opposite. It has been said that Rihanna is “incredibly hands-on and has worked on every part of the sock design process from mood boards to the campaigns photo shoots”. While the rest of the world is just learning about this development today (or yesterday) depending on where you get your news from; Rihanna hints that she has been in collaboration with Stance since May 2015. The goal of their collaboration is to take an accessory that you may have never thought about and turn it into something that has to be a part of your wardrobe. Rihanna’s partnership with Stance socks not only includes designing the collections but also has her as the star in the marketing campaigns.

rihanna socks stance collab

Stance has done an early release of two styles of socks designed by Rihanna in the last 24 hours at a very limited run. Each pair of socks has been numbered by hand from 1 to 1500. The men’s version of the sock is a crew sock while the women’s version is an over-the-knee style printed with vintage style newspaper ads. The knee-high sock, cheekily titled “Murder Rih Wrote” has a kitchy black-white-and-red pattern featuring newspaper typography and horror movie poster-inspired images, they are very RiRi. Stance plans to release 18 more styles from Rihanna’s collection in September, with a subsequent holiday line to be released before Christmas.

Stance’s Murder Ri Wrote Over The Knee sock is the first collaborative sock design from Rihanna, it’s an uncommon sock that states you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance. The Murder Rih Wrote sock is super comfortable thanks to premium cotton fibers that are spun for a smooth feel and blended with performance features like a seamless toe closure and shapely heels. A specialized band of elastic support your arches, while the reinforced heels and toes offer the ultimate in durability from destructive boots & heels. The socks also prevent slippage with a self-adjusting cuff that ensures every pair stays where you put it.

It has not been disclosed as to which retailers will be stocking the Rihanna socks but it is speculated that Zumiez will have a selection as they already have a wide variety of Stance socks.

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New GoPro Sessions Camera

gopro sessions camera

The Best Selling Action Camera Just Got Smaller. Introducing the NEW GoPro Sessions Camera.


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The HERO4 Session camera has all the capabilities of a standard Go Pro camera packed into the tiniest, world’s lightest, most convenient action sports camera yet, featuring a durable and waterproof design, simple one-button control, 1080p60 video and 8 mega pixel photos. It’s 50% smaller and over 40% lighter than all other HERO4 cameras, the HERO4 Session is the most comfortable and mountable GoPro ever. The body has a sleek, go-anywhere design, that you can take to the hills, to the pool, or partying with friends.

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Jordan Grace’s Brutal Slam

skateboard slam hand rail

What sane individual feels compelled to hurl their body down a set of stairs to slide precariously on a hand rail? To skateboarders it is second nature.

This is the most brutal slam that you will ever see in skateboarding history that results in no physical injury.  Jordan Grace retells the story of the day he ollies down a double set of stairs to slide a double kinked rail and landed neck first on a hand rail. Caution this skateboard video contains graphic imagery.

Video transcription:

Everything was going normal that day. I was sliding them down. I remember making it to the bottom one time. That one try I was like leaning too far forward for the second kink and just got served dude. Ate shit. It was slow motion, it was one of those slam where I like go oh this is going to happen this is going to suck. And yeah, I hit my neck on it…(laughs)…somehow. It went down hill from there. Everyone in the park was like call 911 and stuff. I was like “chill out man let me figure it out”. Chris was just like “dude, you got to go to the hospital today”. So yeah, I played it safe and went to the hospital to get checked out. They put me in like a whole body CAT scan and scanned my body. The doctor said “I shouldn’t skate again for six weeks”. I was skating again like within a week. Even my parents they were freaking out. My mom was like wow it was way worse than what you made it seem. Everyone thought I shouldn’t be able to skate or walk anymore. I kinda agree that slam was bad.

And there was a Gopro angle that no one has seen either. Oh shit, I forgot about that. There was a Go-Pro there. We got to show them that. I haven’t even seen that.

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Whidbey Island Wedding


The family that “ahhhs” together stays together. 

jakey matt dolge 
Jakey doesn’t know how to say cheese yet but because he is learning how to brush his teeth he can say ahhh. Here the whole family gets into saying ahhh. 

This picture was taken by Carla on July 4th, 2015 (Independence Day) which is also Patrick and Meghan wedding day. 

Margie, Jakey, and I travelled to Mulkiteo and parked the car at the beach park and walked onto the ferry boat to travel to Whidbey Island for a wedding. We then took a shuttle to the wedding. 

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Nike Ab Shirt

nike ab tee shirt

The Nike Ab Tee Shirt is regaining popularity in Germany and the United States amongst youth and counter-culture kin after much dispute to the authenticity of whether or not this is actually a Nike manufactured product. This shirt is so hard to find because it doesn’t have distribution in the U.S. most likely because of assumed pressure from Nike to restrict sales of the item based on claims of trademark and copyright infringement. While the artist’s name and manufacture of the shirt first remained elusive as Banksy; we have uncovered the artist responsible for design and his name is Alexander Tikhomirov who is a self-described artist and filmmaker. Alex modeled the t-shirt after his own tattoo “born to be” which he has tattooed on his own abs.

nike ab shirt

So does this awesomely designed t-shirt create a legitimate trademark dispute with Nike even though it doesn’t say the word Nike or show the iconic Nike Swoosh? We assume the reason why you cannot find this highly sought after Nike ab t-shirt anywhere on the internet or in any brick and mortar store is because the product is considered a counterfeit product and was not sold, endorsed, or manufactured by Nike, Inc. We assume it infringes on the Nike Swoosh logo and Nike’s internal counterfeit team works tirelessly to suppress unauthorized individuals from distributing and selling product like this. Does the fact that thousands of people are searching for this item with the keywords “Nike Ab” prove that the intent of the artist is to deceive the consumer into believing the shirt is a genuine and authentic Nike brand product. If the product was purely an art piece and not made for profiting off of another’s registered trademark then there would no concern, however because there is an attempt to deceive and profit from this product this is where it breaks the law. While seemingly harmless these types of fake products can damage a brand’s equity and this may be why we haven’t seen global distribution for this product.

The bottom line is counterfeiting is illegal and it has a significant impact on our global economy by removing thousands of jobs and costing the global economy over $500 billion of revenue a year. Litigation will be required to determine if this product can be sold in the U.S. markets but until it has been decided by a court of law this product should be considered a great parody or art piece. Until that time Tikhomirov will be able to continue to profit on this tee.

If you can’t wait for the gavel to drop to determine the legal ramifications of purchasing potentially counterfeit product you can get it at ILifeStore. The site is a Romania website operating out of the EU that ships internationally.

What are your thoughts on this shirt? Is it infringing on Nike’s trademarks? Looking forward to your comments below…

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Dual Lands

dual lands magic the gathering

The most important part of any deck is the lands and dual lands are the holy grail of magic. Fortunately, dual lands are pretty cheap and you should be able to build a winning deck by spending less than $20 on lands. 

When Ice Age and Fourth Edition came out, old-time players were dismayed at the lack of dual lands. So beloved for their ability to let players cast their spells, their removal signified the dawn of a new era in Magical mana. Players would have to work to get a good manabase, and pay real costs to have something other than a mono-color deck.

But what if they had reprinted dual lands instead?

The precedent set would be completely different. Instead of wondering what the next set’s manafixing was going to be, there would always be the best the game had to offer instead.

seachrome coast mtg dual lands

There were several years in Magic’s history when, if you were playing Standard, there were only certain color combinations that were possible, due to how the mana worked. Going outside of that meant using terrible, slow lands against the nonstop aggression of monocolored red decks with no such restrictions. Early incarnations of combo decks, like Survival of the Fittest/Recurring Nightmare, or Mike Long’s Prosperous Bloom, would have been unfathomably stronger.

The irony in replacing all those inferior dual lands with real duals, though, is that we would miss out on what really defines Eternal formats: fetchlands. It would be insane to print them in a Magic where everyone has access to dual lands in every format; doing so would essentially dictate the end of color restrictions mattering for Standard.

There’s also the ugly side to printing dual lands: printing cards to hate out the dual lands. The game would still need a way to incentivize people to play their basics, so cards like Wasteland, Back to Basics, and Blood Moon would certainly be made more prominent, rather than placed in the sad bin of “things the game doesn’t do any more.”

Would Magic be a better game in this alternate reality? It would certainly be a less expensive one, if the hideously expensive lands were instead reprinted to saturation. But we’d also run into a lot more Standard decks that resemble things like Shadowmoor’s Five-Color Control: all the best cards in whatever color; shuffle ‘em up. 

Forward by: Matt Dolge 

Written by: Jesse “Easy Mana” Mason

Build your deck at card kingdom

Look forward to your comments below.

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Vashtie Kola & G-Shock Collab

vashtie - g-shock watch

vashtie kola nude gold watch

Vashtie Kola

is a true renaissance woman who is a director, filmmaker, artist, designer, entrepreneur, fashionista, creative consultant, and badass DJ. She’s cultured the New York City urban scene for over a decade as a style icon and has recently partnered with G-Shock to create a limited edition watch the GMAS110VK-9A. The analog watch features a gold resin band with a trendy metallic gold finish. The VIOLETTE logo printed on the band and the VA$HTIE logo printed on the caseback as well as custom packaging and tin. We love that this watch features an Auto LED Light Backlight for readability at low light, world time in 48 different cities so you never need to reset your watch while jet-setting.

When asked why Vashtie wanted to partner with G-Shock she said:

“The watch is inspired by my obsession with gold. Traditionally, business people are known for wearing noteworthy timepieces and as the face of the new young entrepreneur/ business person, I wanted to design a G-Shock watch that represented an entrepreneurial spirit and that is also something beautiful and timeless.”

Get the watch at Zumiez.

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North Cascades, Ross Lake Excursion

ross lake

The Youth Leadership Adventures has got to be one of the best youth
programs for empowering youth to be the next generation’s stewards of the

My morning started off at 4:30am on August 9th, 2014 with a 3-hour solo drive to Ross Lake in the North Cascades. I had a lot of time to think about the day ahead yet had no idea how much this day was going to change my life. A month earlier I had accepted the invitation to participate in a day trip with the Youth Leadership Adventures to which I had no prior knowledge of Youth Leadership Adventures. But the offer to hike the North Cascades and explore Ross Lake on a guided boat tour was a chance I couldn’t pass on and I am glad that I didn’t.

By 7:30am the sun was rising over the mountains peaks, which made the lake, sparkle like diamonds. At the trailhead an energetic group of strangers prepared for a hike down to the lake. The strangers were just friends that I had not met and they warmly welcomed me into their group. We tightened our hiking boots, stretched out the legs, and began to make our way down to the “mule”. The hike was an easy scenic stroll on well-kept switchbacks. We took our time to observe wildlife, take photographs, and learn about the history of the North Cascades Institute.

Once we reached the dam we could see that the lake stretched all the way up to the Canadian border. Being an avid hiker who has hiked 4 out of the Mighty 5, Utah’s National Parks I thought I had seen all the colors that nature could provide, but Ross Lake’s naturally blue-green color is surreal and the water is so clear that fish can be seen 10 feet below the water’s surface. This protected land is so pure and raw it cannot be reproduced through photographs.

Before boarding the mule, which is a more of a barge than a boat we discussed the activities for the remainder of the day. Amy Brown from the North Cascades Institute leads the conversation and let’s us in on why we are here. “The YLA is a hands-on outdoor leadership program focused on mentoring students in field science, communications, and public speaking. It is our goal to listen, learn, and support them in their passion for the conservation”.

After about an hour on the boat we arrive at the campsite where the youth leaders have called home for the past ten days. Their campsite is primitive with no running water or restrooms, but has an incredible view that sits on a bluff, which overlooks the lake. I mentally add this as a place to camp to my bucket list. We pick up a number of youth leaders and return to the mule to troll northward to a secluded shoal. This remote area is heavily shaded with overgrown trees and lichens are thriving. It’s lunchtime and we break into small groups to learn why the youth have chosen to participate in YLA. It is at this point that I learn why I made the three-hour drive…

These youth leaders felt empowered to take responsibility for the environment and hearing them speak about conversation, sustainable practices, and stewardship was truly awe-inspiring. Standing before us were the next stewards of the environment. What they needed from us is support, leadership, awareness, and access to resources. What they already had was the determination to protect the environment; they just needed to know how to do it. Thanks to the Youth Leadership Adventures these passionate environmentalist now have the leadership skills to make an impact in their local communities.

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Lord Nermal – Rip N Dip Cat Shirt

rip n dip cat tee flipping off

The Rip N Dip Lord Nermal pocket t-shirt has a seemingly innocent looking cat poking it’s head out above the pocket, but if you pull down the pocket tee you will reveal that the cat is holding up two middle fingers and giving the bird. This fun shirt is designed by Rip N Dip and features large prayer hands on the back of the shirt that is holding the cat. This shirt is trending super hot and has appeared on reddit, tumblr, and many other sites as being sold out all over the internet. You can purchase the Ripndip pocket tee in black today at any Zumiez store location or online at:

lord nermal rip n dip

rip n dip cat tee flipping off

In case you weren’t found of the prayer hands screened on the back of the tee RipNDip now has two new colorways without the prayer hands on the back that will be available for purchase @midnight.

ripndip red shirt

ripndip tie dye shirt

NEW Colorway features Lord Nermal without the Jesus hands on the back.
lord nermal blue tee shirt by rip n dip

About Rip N Dip is a local skating company designing street wear and located in California that focuses on soft goods with an office in LA. It all started with a couple of screen prints in a garage. Ripndip is a small group of friends that hangs out everyday and skates outside of their office.

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Harrison Ford In A Plane Crash

Harrison Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash today.

Video Transcription:
Just before coming on the air tonight we got late word that actor Harrison Ford has been seriously injured in a plane crash in California. Ford was flying in a vintage World War II training plane when something caused it to drop out of the sky and came crashing down onto golf course below. Sources tell NBC news that Ford was stabilized and taken to a hospital. He did suffer cuts to his head and possible fractures. There is no word yet on what caused that crash.