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Longboard Buying Guide

longboard buying guide

Longboard Guide

The ultimate resource for everything longboard.

Longboard Decks
There are two questions you should ask prior to choosing a longboard is “How will you use it?” and “What is your riding style?” The majority of longboard users are considered a hybrid rider that rides their longboard in a street style fashion. These types of riders predominantly use their longboard as transportation to and from school or work. No matter where you place yourself we have the longboard for you. The major difference between longboards and a standard skateboard are the virtual endless shapes of decks. You want to choose a deck type that will be appropriate for the type of riding that you will be doing. Longboard decks are generally over 33” with lengths greater than 46″. Besides the overall length being longer a longboard deck has a wheelbase that is generally 18”-30” in length. The increased wheelbase provides greater stability at high speeds. Our most popular selling longboard sizes are between 32-42″ and are great for novice to intermediate longboarder.

*Note: longboards that are under 32″ in length are referered to as cruisers.

longboard buying guide
longboard buying guide

Longboard Trucks
The wider your skateboard truck the more stable a ride it will provide. Longboard trucks are built to provide a greater center of gravity at high speeds so they are generally 9″ or wider and usually as wide as the longboard deck or wider. A truck that wider than the truck will provide increased stability. This is why you will see many longboards with trucks wider than the deck. The inverted kingpin or dual pivoting hanger provides quick and deep carving abilities. Longboard trucks are Reverser kingpin vs. dual hanger vs. angled riser pads. Remember: the wider your trucks are the more stability they will provide at higher speeds. So if your longboard will be mostly for cruising then choose a truck that is are closest to the width of your deck.

Longboard Wheels
All skateboard wheels including longboard wheels are measured by their height, which is measured in millimeters. A typical longboard wheel is over 60mm in height. Besides being taller in height longboard wheels are mostly used for cruising, sliding, and transportation purposes and are designed with traction in mind. The best way to improve traction is to make the wheel softer so longboard wheels are softer than standard skateboard wheels which means they have a lower durometer. Durometer is the unit a measurement used to determine the hardness of a wheel. You will find that most longboard wheels are between 72A-88A. Having a softer wheel note only improves traction but it also makes it easeier to ride on rough or uneven surfaces. The width of the wheel is important as a wide wheel will provide more traction which will provide a more stable ride. Lastly, the shape of the wheel determines the slideability of the wheel. A wide wheel with a square edge will give you a lot of traction and the square edge will make it difficult to slide conversely, the same wheel with a rounded edge will allow you to slides at nearly any speed so If your goal is to do downhill sliding then pick up a pair of sliding gloves and choose a wheel that has a rounded profile.

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The Ultimate Snowboard Buying Guide

snowboard buying guide

How To Buy A Snowboard

Buying a snowboard can be tricky. To help you out we’ve created this useful Snowboard Buying Guide to help you choose the right snowboard for you in the ideal snowboard size.

What Size Snowboard Should You Buy?
Knowing what size snowboard is right for you is dependent on four main things:

    Snowboard Width
    Snowboard Length
    Personal Riding Style
    Snowboard Shape

Snowboard Size: Width
Snowboard boots and bindings are intended to hang slightly over the edge of a snowboard. Having the boots and bindings extend slightly over the edge gives the rider the ability to apply pressure and turn smoothly.
Snowboard boots and bindings should not extend too far past the edge of the snowboard. Boots and bindings that extend too far create unwanted heel and toe drag causing the rider to catch an edge.
The chart below can help you decide what snowboard width size is appropriate based on the riders snowboard boot size.
Men’s Boot Size
11.5 and up.
Snowboard Width
Mid Wide

**Women with a boot size of 10 or higher may want to consider a women’s mid-wide snowboard.

Both Burton Snowboards and Lib Tech Snowboards offer a range of men’s wide snowboards.

How to choose your Snowboard Size: Length
An ideal snowboard length is primarily based on the rider’s height. Still, there are other factors to consider before deciding which snowboard length is right for you.
The chart below provides general snowboard length recommendations based on the height of the rider. This chart is only a general guide. Be sure to consider the following as well.

    Riders who prefer to ride park, freestyle, or pipe should consider a shorter snowboard length towards the smaller end of their size range. Shorter boards are easier to spin and maneuver making them ideal for freestyle riding.
    If you are a snowboarder who prefer to ride all mountain terrain, freeride, or powder should consider a snowboard length towards the longer end of their size range. A slightly longer snowboard will float better in powder and ride more stable in all mountain terrain.
    Those who are above average weight for their height should also consider a longer snowboard.

Snowboard Size Chart

snowboard size chart
snowboard size chart

Your Riding Style will influence what type of snowboard you should buy. Be sure to choose a snowboard that fits the rider’s style and terrain preference.

All Mountain snowboards are designed for riding the entire mountain. These snowboards can do it all, carve through deep powder and hit the terrain park. All Mountain snowboards are popular for their versatility and performance in different types of terrain. All Mountain snowboards are perfect for the snowboarder who likes to ride a little bit of everything. They’re also a great choice for beginner snowboarders looking to try different styles.

· Popular men’s All Mountain snowboard brands include: Arbor Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, and Rome Snowboards.
· Popular women’s All Mountain snowboards include Roxy Snowboards, women’s GNU snowboards, and women’s Burton Snowboards.

Park type snowboards or “Freestyle” snowboards are specifically designed for riding the terrain park. Park boards are great for freestyle riding, rails, jumps, jibbing , big air, and spins. These snowboards tend to have a twin shape and a shorter length. A rider looking to learn tricks and spend a lot of time in the terrain park should definitely consider a Park snowboard.

    If you a want a good men’s park snowboard pick one of these brands including: Capita Snowboards, Lobster Snowboards, Lib Tech Snowboards, and DC Snowboards. The most popular women’s Park snowboard brands include: women’s Capita Snowboards and women’s Forum Snowboards.

The shape of a snowboards can influence how the board rides. We will discuss three main shapes: Directional, Directional Twin, and Twin. It’s best to choose a snowboard shape that best fits the type of snowboarding and terrain the rider prefers.

Directional snowboards are designed to ride in one direction and are often found in All Mountain and Freeride snowboards. The tail end of the snowboard is usually stiffer while the nose tends to be softer, longer, and more flexible. This shape is more controllable ride at high speeds and while carving down steep runs.

Twin tip snowboards are also called “True Twin,” this shape is often found in Park snowboards. Twin snowboards are completely symmetrical with an identical tip and tail shape. This shape is great for freestyle riders because it allows them to ride in either direction.

Directional Twin snowboards can be found in both All Mountain and Park snowboards, Directional Twin snowboards are a combination of Twin and Directional shapes. These snowboards have a symmetrical shape and identical tip and tail widths, but the tip is often softer, longer, and more flexible than the tail. This shape rides in either direction and equally well in both the park and all mountain terrain.

Note: Just because a snowboard falls into one of these main categories does not mean it won’t perform equally as well in other conditions and actives. For example, a park snowboard may work just as well in all mountain terrain, and so forth.

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Arbor Snowboards

arbor snowboards and bindings

January 28, 2013 by Tamara Kelley

A once heated debate topic often times swept under the rug, Global Warming is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. With the ice caps melting at an alarming rate causing the sea level to rise and extreme shifting weather patterns, the ramifications of a rapidly changing environment are beginning to take effect. The Earth is changing and no one knows this better than the people who spend their time in the environment like the founding members of Arbor. Established in 1995 Arbor started as a company producing and selling snowboards while taking on the initial challenge of finding new and innovative ways to address the issue of climate change. Since the start of Arbor Snowboards the company has branched into other outlets bringing their ideas for eco-awareness into skateboards and apparel. As a brand that focuses on board sports, Arbor understands that the success of their company is directly correlated with the health of the planet. Without clean air, water and snow, sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing will no longer be an option.

In todays market “going green” has become a trend, whether it is the food we eat or the products we use, people are beginning to become more conscientious about the health of themselves and the planet. With the demand of green products on the rise, companies are beginning to produce more options for the ever changing environmentally aware market, and as the industry grows, so do the resources and the technology. Going green has never been a trend for the people at Arbor; infusing sustainable resources with state of the art technology is the standard in which the company is based off of. Arbor uses technologies like Recycled Glass Grip in place of regular grip tape on Arbor Skateboards and a Biofilm of a bio-plastic based off caster bean on all of the Arbor Snowboards.

One of the most common resources Arbor uses in their products is Bamboo. As one of the fastest growing plants, bamboo is one of the most renewable and sustainable resources. Unlike other plant based materials, bamboo is a regenerating plant that only requires natural rainfall and does not need irrigation systems or any harmful chemicals such as chemical fertilizers or pesticides which can be absorbed into soil and water damaging ecosystems by contaminating the plants and animals. Bamboo constructions can be found in Arbor Skateboards and Arbor Snowboards while viscose bamboo and Nano Bamboo is often used in Arbor apparel.

Outside of producing eco friendly skateboards, snowboards, and apparel, Arbor works directly with groups such as True Offsets, The Nature Conservancy, The Surfrider Foundation, The Rainforest Action Network, and American Forests to donate money as well as contribute to projects to help with reforestation around the world. One of their more recent projects with True Offsets Arbor is helping contribute in the reforestation on the Hawaiian Islands to offset emissions.

We are in an ever changing world that faces many challenges of a damaged environment and Global Warming, but with the promise of hard working and passionate people who care about the Earth and its future there is the possibility of change for a better and greener future with snow capped mountains, clean air and healthy oceans. Companies like Arbor are leading the way in eco-friendly products and technology that are pushing to bring consumers cutting-edge designs while improving function.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference and help work for a green and bright future, with Earth Day coming up on April 22, I invite you and your friends to get involved, plant a tree or volunteer to clean up a local park and then go skateboard on eco-friendly skateboard from Arbor. We only have one Earth, let’s take care of it.

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Converse Chuck Taylors Get A Makeover

converse low tops

It has been over 100 years but your favorite nostalgic shoe is being redesigned from the ground up making them just as comfortable as your Nike running shoes.

There are not many shoes that are more recognizable in the world than the Converse Chuck Taylor and Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, the low top and high top silhouette has never undergone a redesign since it was first worn by Charles “Chuck” Taylor when he wore them playing basketball back in the 1920-1930’s. But now, if you didn’t know (spoiler alert) Converse is owned and managed by Nike, Inc. and things are about to change. It has been over a decade since Nike began overseeing production and marketing of the shoes but since then they haven’t changed a thing. Today (April 4th, 2016 | Square Root Day) they announced that the Chuck Taylors are getting a makeover. We are so pumped to see how Nike is going to transform this shoe and what technology they will add to the All Star shoes.

chuck taylor

Nike says that they are going to create a new upper for the Chuck Taylors by using a knit upper to be called the result Converse All Star II. While the iconic Converse patch and rubber sole silhouette will remain unchanged the All Star 2 will introduce an expanded selection of colors laid over new crosshatched design. Each pair of shoes comes lined with soft micro-suede and Lunarlon cushioning to improve breathability, according to Nike.


For sneaker heads looking to update their classic black lo-tops, the All Star IIs offer a color pop to any outfit or attire. The Converse All Star IIs are being tested in Asia, and if they do well they be released in European on April 18th, and upon the success of the shoe in those two regions they will finally be released in North America on April 25th, 2016. Expect to pay around $80 bones for these new sneakers. If you want to be the first on your block to have the new Converse All Star Twos you better jump on a plane and book it to Asia or Europe.

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Nike SB Releases Khaki & White Trainerendor


A new Trainerendor colorway has been announced by Nike SB that will be perfect for the dog days of Summer 2016. The Trainerendor® sneaker comes dressed in a two-tone khaki mesh and dark khaki nubuck upper, set atop a white contrasting Phylon midsole for extra comfort. The midsole is super lightweight making this an entry-level multi-sport shoe with a distinctive and original look. The velcro strap keeps the laces in place and adds extra support for just about any activity.

We tried on this shoe for ourselves and found that it runs true to size but it runs slightly narrower than your typical Nike shoe. While the reinforced ollie area was more durable than expected the mesh in the toe area provided little protection from toe drags and kickflips.

Overall we deem this to be your after skate shoe and should be added to sneaker collection.

Look for this shoe landing at your local shop in late May early June.

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Free Magic The Gathering Cards

free magic cards

Send us a buck and we will send a bunch of Magic The Gathering cards.

We partner with small card shops and individuals who have stopped playing magic that want to give back to the Magic community. All of the Magic cards have been played and are considered used. Card condition will vary from depending on age of card. Cards do not come with sleeves. All that we ask is that you send us $1.00 for the cost of the envelope and shipping. We promise that you will receive a great assortment of free cards!

If you are looking into growing your Magic card collection or creating a cube then you have found the right place…simply mail $1.00 with your mailing address to:

Cartel Circuit
Free Magic Cards
2586 3rd Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119

Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your free Magic The Gathering Cards. All cards are shipped USPS. Unless prior arrangements are made via email cards can only be shipped to within the United States.

Glad that you asked! You will get an assortment of free magic cards from all over the world. You could receive cards in different languages, commons, rares, uncommons. Please note that you cannot request certain cards or colors. We typically send 5-10 cards per envelope but often stuff the envelope until it’s full. Our card selection changes daily so keep sending those envelopes.

Check out how one dedicated card collector grew his collection from nothing to something. Thanks for the image, Erik!